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Top 3 Label Printers for Craft Beer Labels

Save $500 on Epson Printer + Get $1,525 Label Gift CardAre you one of the 9,000 craft breweries looking for a way to stand out from the rest? You need a high-quality color label to draw attention to your brews. Your label says a lot about your brand and can help attract more customers. To make these labels, you’ll need label printers that are up to the task.
They should create vibrant images, be able to print in bulk, and interface with the most common printing and design software.
Ready to take your brewery to the next level by printing your labels in-house? These are the top three printers on the market today.

Epson ColorWorks C7500G

The Epson C7500G is one of the most reliable beer label printers you can find. It can easily accommodate all kinds of label printing, from high-volume loads of your most common product to on-demand prints for specialty offerings. This makes it an ideal printer for a brewery that wants to offer a wide range of products.
It can print up to 59 feet per minute, meaning it’s one of the faster label printers available.


The C7500G’s defining feature is its PrecisionCore technology. This is Epson’s unique printhead.
The printhead allows the Epson to create incredibly high-quality prints. It can create repeating dots only 40 microns in diameter, so your labels can be as detailed as you’d like.
You’ll love the flexibility in label design this offers you. You’ll be able to set yourself apart from other craft brewers with all kinds of incredible, eye-catching labels.


This Epson printer is designed for the long haul. You won’t need to worry about replacing any of its main features until you’ve printed more than 300 miles worth of labels. Combine that with four unique ink cartridges that only print the color you choose, and you have an incredibly cost-effective printer.
PrecisionCore also can detect any issues with the print job. By monitoring its electrical current, it can even shut itself off if it’s not working as it should.
Nozzle Verification Technology rounds out its reliability-focused features. This allows the C7500G to avoid nozzle clogs while it’s in operation and alert you if there’s an issue.

Ease of Use

The C7500G scores high marks in user-friendliness. It has an LCD screen, so setup is a breeze. It also comes with Epson’s ESC/Label command set so you can easily connect with all of the major printing software.

Primera LX3000

Breweries that need to create a high volume of vibrant labels will love the Primera LX3000, one of the newest high-end color label printers. It can create deep blacks and incredibly vivid colors. You’ll also have the benefit of large, easily replaceable ink tanks.
This Primera printer has a lightning-quick printing speed. It churns out pages at a whopping 240 feet per minute and can handle over 7,000 prints per day.

Big Ink

The calling card of the LX3000 is its large 60ml ink tanks. They differentiate this printer from the other smaller offerings from Primera.
When the tanks run out of ink, you’ll simply order new ones. Replacement tanks are pre-primed, so you won’t have to worry about setup slowing down operations.
A thermal jet printhead compliments the ink tanks and completes the “Big Ink” system.

Exquisite Colors

Big Ink represents a new ink technology from Primera. This ink is specially-formulated, so the color on your labels is bright and durable. With this printer, you have a native 1200 DPI resolution and a maximum DPI of 1200 x 4800.
In addition to its color clarity, the LX3000 also achieves some of the richest blacks available on label printers. Your labels will be resilient because this color won’t fade like the black color generated by other printers.


This label printer is compatible with all major operating systems, so interfacing with a computer won’t be an issue. You can also opt for a wireless internet adapter to free it from the bounds of an ethernet cable.

Afinia L901 Industrial Inline Label Printer

The Afinia L901 makes use of Memjet technology, differentiating it from other label printers available. It contains over 70,000 tiny ink jets that create over 700 million ink drops per second.
This means that the Afinia is the go-to printer for small label runs. They’re much more economical thanks to the control offered by Memjet and print in 1600 DPI resolution.

Quick Printing

The L901 isn’t just a small-batch label printer. It also boasts a very respectable printing speed of 60 feet per minute. It can even work in conjunction with a digital press.
This means it’s a good match for a brewery that’s looking to offer plenty of specialized products alongside its main line.

Watershield Ink

Craft beer label printing needs durable ink. Fortunately, Afinia’s Watershield Ink stands up to water and condensation like no other. It’s the perfect match for beverage production.
Water-resistance isn’t the only advantage this ink offers. It also produces deep blacks to help craft barcodes and lettering and comes in massive 250 ml cartridges.

Maintenance and Accessibility

The L901 offers the ability to repair the printhead on the fly. This means that regular maintenance won’t slow down your label production. It’s ideal for businesses that need to race to meet their customers’ demands.
Finally, a touchscreen display makes operating this printer as simple as using a smartphone. It shows you all the printing information on an easy-to-read screen and allows you to take control of its operation with just a swipe of your finger.

Label Printers You Can Count on

The craft brew market is highly competitive. Every brewery needs to find a way to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do that is with an eye-catching label.
With your own in-house label printers, you’ll have complete control over your label design. Create a vibrant label that draws in customers without having to invest in printing services.
Ready to get your own label printer? TCS Digital Solutions is your destination for printing equipment and services. We carry products guaranteed to get the job done. Reach out to see how we can help you find your ideal label-making solution.

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