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Give your customers the quality they deserve by investing In Candle label printers. Nearly every household owns a candle of some sort which makes them a necessary commodity.. Candles are used for memorable personalized gifts at birthdays, weddings, or the holidays. Investing in your own candle label printer reduces printing-related errors for your jars, boxes and other containers you intend to use.

  1. Candle Label Printer will positively impact your market visibility.
  2. Candle Label Printers provides your Business the flexibility to be creative and unique.
  3. Win over the competition by quickly fulfilling orders within deadline.
  4. Your business will benefit from cost saving and shipping headaches with your in-house label printer.
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How Candle Label Printers add value

Candle Label Printers allow versatility

To be able to create, test labels of any shape, colors at any given time is worth the investment in your own label printer. With no middleman involved, you have full authority over your design and presentation with creative and cutting edge colors and mixes for your cosmetics

Candle label printers provide high quality and durable labels

The look and appearance of your candle label is a point of attraction that will eventually turn curious shoppers into long term customers. In this aesthetic industry, the importance of durability goes a long way since products are exposed to various conditions such as temperature and living spaces. A melting candle label will immediately tarnish your brand reputation.

Candle Label Printers provide instant results

Gone are the days when manufacturers have to wait weeks or months to get their labels. Now print on-premise and instantly send your products to be sold across your client base or new markets. Make changes on the fly, modify your designs to fit your overall vision.

Time & Cost Savings with Candle label Printer

In general, owning your label printer saves money. It’s even more obvious with Cosmetics due to the constant changes and updates seen through recalls . Your investment in a Candle label printer will yield time savings by keeping all communication and labeling plans in-house with your team.

Use Cases for Candle Label Printers

Candle Manufacturers

Having the ability to print custom candle labels on site within minutes rather than days or weeks positions manufacturers to compete in such a saturated market. Meet and exceed your client’s expectations with quicker time to market while saving time and money.

Candle Stores

Whether you need custom labels printed for your lip balms, moisturizers, foundations, eye color palettes, or any other cosmetic product, start printing your labels on-premise. By doing so, candle store owners can make changes quickly and return products back on their shelves for resale on same day instead of having to wait.

Candle Label Printing Requirements

While the tendency might be to rush your candle label to market, it’s important to take a moment to understand how candle labeling is regulated, There are voluntary and mandatory safety standards set by government and industry organizations within the United States that cover any types of wax candles and flammable candle-like products. This implies that guidelines apply to anything that burns wax, including unscented candles, scented candles, and wax melts. If you’re selling candles as consumer goods for retail, verify your label information is within the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act before you start Investing into Candle label Printers.

In general, your main candle label should contain the following information:

  1. A statement identifying the commodity (e.g., candle, soy wax candle)
  2. Brand name (including the name and address of manufacturer)
  3. Net quantity of contents (weight, measurements, or numerical count)
  4. Contact information and website

Warning labels are also mandatory for candle manufacturers. These are usually found at the bottom of the jar or tin. According to the National Candle Association, your warning label should include the following fire safety information:

  1. Burn within sight.
  2. Keep away from combustibles.
  3. Keep away from children.

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