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Printing words or images onto paper or other surfaces was a time-consuming, expensive process requiring several steps and a range of equipment.

The process and its numerous related businesses, including direct marketing, magazine and newspaper publishing, book production, and graphic arts creation, among others, have all undergone a technological revolution.

Digital presses do not use plates, as do conventional analog processes like offset, gravure, flexography, lithography, and letterpress, which frequently require plate replacement. Instead, these printers use various technologies, such as digital mapping software and lasers, to produce precise images, text, and graphics.

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What is Digital Printing Press?

A digital presses is a sizable device that functions as a single unit for nearly all printing requirements by combining printer and copy machine features. The target market for this kind of equipment is organizations that print millions or hundreds of thousands of pages of content each month.

They can print in either color or black and white and can produce over 100 printed pages per minute. This device offers optional finishing features like booklet creation, folding, and binding.

Advantages of Digital Printing Press

Digital Presses DIGITAL PRESSES 1

No Plates Needed

For non-digital printing procedures to successfully transfer the desired pictures to other media, “plates” made of metal, plastic, rubber, or even paper are compulsory in certain circumstances. The lack of this can result in time and cost savings when using digital printing.

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Frequent Advances

It is more versatile than earlier forms, thanks to innovations. The system is easy to upgrade and can be adapted to meet a growing number of products.

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As plates aren’t needed, digital printing features short-run possibilities, low to no set-up costs, no plate costs, easily customized options, and fast turnaround times.

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Environmentally Friendly

Digital printing is environmentally friendly compared to traditional methods because it requires fewer chemicals and wastes less paper, making it more sustainable. Non-digital printing techniques use a lot of water as well, while digital presses don’t use any, saving this valuable natural resource.

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With specialized messaging and graphic design, digital printers’ many personalization choices can help you target the people you want to hear from more successfully. Direct marketing campaigns can take many forms due to the flexibility, affordability, customizability, and high-quality end products of digital printing.

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Quicker Printing Process

Starting a digital printing project involves just a few simple steps, considerably reducing the time needed to generate the desired items. Due to this, high-quality items can be printed faster and still maintain their quality.

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Easy to Edit

Producing customized things is significantly easier because of digital images’ rapid and easy editing capabilities. An easier way to automate some photos is to use a set of data that is fed into the picture or software.

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Enhanced Usability and Functionality

Digital printers usually come with multifunction (MFP) functions that let you print, scan, copy, and occasionally fax from the same machine. The correct MFP can replace them and free up some additional space if your office seems cluttered with legacy equipment and accessories.

Moreover, digital printers are typically simpler to use. Although they might not be appropriate for some specialized businesses, they give you and your company far more control. They frequently offer additional manageability and mobile printing alternatives, making handling even large print tasks simple. Digital printing is an excellent choice if you prefer not to have a printer that needs constant attention.

Benefits of Digital Printing Presses

Save Money

Regardless of your business size, printing your own wine label simply saves you money. Cut out the middle man and print your own with a touch of history or authenticity that no one else but you would know. There’s never been a better time to get your own Digital Printing Presses

Speed Up Delivery

Digital Printing Presses are designed to help remove headaches related to volume-based production. You should start seeing operational advantages very quickly. With increased speed to fulfillment and delivery, your brand and Digital Printing Presses can bask in the glow of high customer satisfaction.

Best Digital Printing Presses That We Offer

With technological advancements, digital printing presses have undergone significant changes. The process they work on, and their requirements have changed with time. The newer digital press techniques are cheaper and produce quicker results. The printing press solutions that we offer are as follows:

Konica Minolta Presses

Konica Minolta Presses offer a cutting-edge document management system for any workplace environment that is affordable, high-performing, and high-value.

The only printers suitable for home offices and businesses are Konica printers because of their compact and practical design. There are a variety of speeds available for copying, printing, scanning, and faxing, as well as advanced finishing options. Furthermore, they provide low-cost operation, deliver high-speed output, and all-in-one functionality for departments and workgroups in small- to medium-sized businesses.

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AccurioLabel 190 Presses

It is a narrow web-specific digital presses. This one-of-a-kind press offers the pinnacle of digital printing innovation and exceptional digital performance at a reduced price to open up fresh possibilities for your label shop to boost earnings, output, and client pleasure.

This digital press is a cutting-edge response to unforeseen changes in manufacturing requirements. Industry executives have praised its advantages since it is capable, consistent, and distinctive.

Digital Presses 230

AccurioLabel 230 Presses

The popular AccurioLabel line of toner-based printers from Konica Minolta has undergone three redesigns. The updated design delivers faster printing on tack films and tack papers, with a top print speed of 76 feet per minute and an optional over-print kit that adds further functionality for using pre-printed media.

This digital press is a cutting-edge response to unforeseen changes in manufacturing requirements. Industry executives have praised its advantages since it is capable, consistent, and distinctive.

Trojan Presses

Trojan Press has the resources, know-how, and expertise to foresee market trends and adapt to its customers’ changing needs. They oversee marketing initiatives and brand strategy. Offset printing, mailing, bindery, email marketing, lead generation, data management, and event marketing are some of the services they offer.

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Trojan T4 digital presses

The T4 is a powerful, independent, cutting-edge label printing press with a semi-rotary die-cutting feature and precision laminator for full-label production.

Among the smallest and most affordable finishers, the T4 is known for its flawless registration. A cost calculator and other helpful tools, such as a job library, are all included on the Trojan Control touch screen, making it simple to assess operational expenses.

The T4 offers the lowest operating costs on the market by consuming the least amount of ink possible. Users are pleasantly impressed by the printer’s relatively quiet functioning.

Digital Presses t5

Trojan T5 digital presses

The T5 is a reliable, heavy-label printing solution specifically created for the commercial printing sector.

A complete in-line labeling solution, the Trojan Label T5 is a digital print and finish system. The T5 has a high printing resolution of 1600 dpi and additional functions like slit & rewind, spot and SUPER gloss, lamination, varnish, and extra cold foil application for gold, silver, and metallic ornamental accents—all on one single, small platform.

The T5 lets customers quickly produce enormous volumes of work and lengthy runs, thanks to its excellent print speed of up to 12 inches per second.

Why Should You Choose Digital Print Presses from TCS Digital Solutions?

There are multiple benefits to choosing a digital printing press. For starters, they are cost-effective compared to conventional printing. They are an environmentally safer method of printing and are easy to use. Many businesses have shifted to this form of printing because of the various benefits they offer.

Choosing digital print presses from TCS Digital Solutions would help businesses get the best quality results while spending less than traditional methods. We are a leading high-quality digital presses provider in the industry.

Over the past 30 years, we have helped a number of label converters and brand owners. Employing us would be exceptionally useful for your business.

Digital Presses – Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Digital Press Do?

A digital printing press is a combination of offset and digital printing. It is a large-format printer that can print many digitally printed color documents. If your company wishes to create marketing materials, a digital printing machine is fantastic for business use.

Digital printing presses print an image directly onto the media substrate rather than transferring it to metal plates. Digital printing output quality continuously improves, and print technology is developing swiftly. These developments produce prints with offset-like quality.

When there are fewer pieces and high levels of detail on an order, digital printing is more effective. Unlike traditional printing, there are no pre-press phases between the digital document files and the final output. In addition, there is no need to use messy photo chemicals or film plates to format.

How Much Do Digital Presses Cost?

A digital printing machine can start at $5,000 and cost up to $250,000. The device’s size, print rates, and media applications will affect your cost. Moreover, consider your supply and service prices.

What Do I Need for Digital Printing?

You will need a digital printer, a ready-to-print image, and the printing medium to start the digital printing process. To print material on the digital printing press, the digital file, either a PDF or desktop publishing file, is sent.

How Does A Digital Press Work?

Here are the ten steps that show the functionality of digital presses.

Step 1

Several digital printing businesses employ artists to produce unique designs following your specifications and directives. For a proper understanding of your needs, they might meet with you or have a thorough conversation with you.

When the design is complete, the customer will receive an email with a mockup; while implementing any modifications you suggest, the buyer will receive the finished product again. We won’t go to the next stage until you give the go-ahead.

Step 2

As It is crucial that the final design is stored in the correct file type and resolution so that the printer can easily identify it and produce the product without mistakes.

Step 3

The print heads must first be cleaned using a unique solution to prevent them from drying out and being damaged. The procedure requires repetition after 100 prints. Depending on the quantity of color in print, the heads may occasionally need cleaning even earlier.

Step 4

Several checks are made during this step. The printer produces some waste ink with each print, gathered in a drum. Watching this drum carefully and periodically emptying it is crucial to prevent ink spills. When the cleaner supply runs out, a container attached to the printing machine needs refilling.

Since this cleanser is essential to printing, it is crucial to maintain it to ensure there is always enough in the printer. The printer uses a particular amount of cleaner with each stop and restart, and not enough cleaner could harm the heads.

Also, examining the ink temperature is a must; the printer must run between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. The printer heads may become harmed by temperatures that are too high or too low.

Step 5

Once all the inspections are complete, everything is ready for printing the customer’s artwork on the desired product.

Step 6

Various-sized pallets are available to hold the merchandise. The product is spread out on the correct-sized pallet, which is then attached to the printer and ready for printing.

Step 7

The item is placed on the board completely flat and without any creases. Any creases will cause the print to malfunction.

Step 8

The digital printer starts the real printing process by sprinkling the design on the material while moving the ink cartridges from side to side.

Step 9

After printing completes, the product or material is carefully taken from the pallet. The item is then sent through a large drier at the proper temperature to guarantee that the print is baked onto the material or adheres firmly.

Step 10

The quality inspection comes last. The goods are wrapped and prepared for shipment after reaching satisfactory quality.

Are Digital Presses Inexpensive?

For small print runs, such as 200 or 300 books, digital printing typically has a lower unit price than offset printing. This is due to the low set-up expenses for a production run with a digital printing press.

The process of printing on a digital press does not require printing plates, as it does on an offset press. So, when printing digitally, no costs are associated with creating plates. Also, not many changes or “make-ready” steps are necessary for a digital press run. Short-run books printed using a digital press have a cheaper unit cost because set-up expenses are minimal.

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Digital Presses can be difficult to choose as they come in different sizes ans shapes based on the application. Here at TCS Digital, our focus is to help our customers get the right solution for their printing. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we will always strive to do what it takes to exceed your expectations.



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