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In a supplement-saturated market. the importance of making sure fact sheets, ingredients and health and nitration details are crucial to your day to day Business operations. This is where supplement label printers come in. Investing in a printer will increase your shelf appeal and build confidence in your products.

  1. Supplement Label Printers will improve your market visibility and presence.
  2. Supplement Label Printers can design style, appearance that attract.
  3. Gain a Competitive advantage over your market and impose your authority with a faster time to market.
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Benefits of Supplement Label Printers


With your supplement label printer, you are presented with a wide variety of options to customize your label as you see fit. Our printers can adapt to any finish: gloss, metallic, clear or holographic with a crisp readable fonts even in small fonts. The originality of your print quality will enhance the look of your supplement which entices consumers to buy your products.

Brand Differentiator

Your supplement label printer should serve as a mean to educate your customers about the specific product presented. Your label should always do its job by providing health-related benefits, ingredients, side-effects and key usage information. Go above and beyond your competitor by generating supplement labels that are unique and specific to your brand.

Print durability

Use your Supplement label printer to not only impress, but show quality by ensuring your label is can withstand liquid, time and location. Your first time buyer is likely to return if packaging reflect the true value of their investment. Wear and tears will always be part of day to day usage, therefore exceeding expectations with a durable label is appealing.

Cost Savings

Instead of having to meet minimum order requirements on top of waiting for shipping, Businesses with their own supplement label printers reduce their monthly or weekly spend. With an on premise label printer, you can test, revise before going to market. Stop draining your valuable resources and invest in a supplement printer that your Business can rely on for multiple years.

Use Cases for Supplement Label Printers

Supplement Resellers

Just like food label printing, Supplement label printing is also a very highly regulated industry. Understanding your supplement and adding facts that are true and verifiable is vital. As a reseller, you may want to customize your products by white-labeling it to fit your vision.

Supplement Manufacturer

Now that your product is ready, the FDA requires that your supplement label be in line with regulations and guidelines. With your own supplement label printer, you can now meet such requirements while being as creative as possible while meeting your production workload for distribution. Vegan, cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free supplement labels all have to be created under stringent manufacturing practices in order to be labeled accordingly.

Supplement Stores

Be ready to make changes when there’s one. With the help of your own supplement label printers, there’s no 3rd party involvement. Furthermore, your on premise printer alleviate headaches related to shipping and receiving labels and elevate your image by being up to date and timely. The competitive edge gained by having your own supplement label printer will always position your Business as a winner.


The FDA requires that 5 pieces of information be listed on your supplement label.

1- Statement of Identity — This is the official name of the supplement. This information is typically found front and center on the front label panel.

2- Net Quantity of Contents Statement — This information communicates exactly how much of the product is in the container. It’s usually listed on the front panel somewhere underneath the statement of identity.

3- Nutrition Labeling — This is the real meat of the supplement label. It’s often referred to as the supplements facts section. (The nutrition labeling is so critical that we’ve set aside a section dedicated to it below.)

4- Ingredient List — The list of all the ingredients used to manufacture the supplement appears immediately below the supplement facts.

5- Name and Place of Business of the Manufacturer, Packer, or Distributor — This section is simply a listing of the name, city, state, and zip code of whoever manufactured, packed, or distributed the dietary supplement. This part typically finds its home right below the ingredient list.

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