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Afinia X350 Digital Roll to Roll Press SKU: 39029

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12.77 in (324.4 mm)
13.75 in (350 mm)
The gist: A combination of production capability, footprint size, and ink economy not found in compact desktop or large, expensive commercial presses. Achieve durable full-color prints with aqueous pigment inks.


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Afinia X350 Digital Roll to Roll Press

The X350 is the perfect choice for high-volume digital roll to roll printing

Meet the X350 Digital Roll to Roll Press, a high-speed, versatile, and durable printing solution that’s perfect for production-level inkjet roll to roll printing. With a print speed of up to 25 meters per minute and a large media capacity of 350mm roll diameter and width, the X350 can handle a variety of media sizes and types with ease. Plus, its compact design (under 1 sqm footprint) makes it easy to integrate into any production environment.

Achieve vibrant, professional-quality prints on die-cut or continuous label materials and flexible packaging films for a wide variety of product applications.

  • Food-safe* CMYK inks
  • Small footprint, low energy usage
  • Up to 25m/min print speed
  • Print labels or flexible packaging films

* Food migration tests pending

Versatile Capabilities

The X350 Digital Roll to Roll Press is a versatile and efficient solution for your printing needs, perfect for handling a variety of projects from continuous labels to die-cut labels and flexible packaging materials. This printer is designed to boost your printing capabilities, allowing you to confidently take on new and diverse projects.

Durable, High-Volume Pigment Inks

Key to the X350’s performance are its durable pigment inks. Not only are these inks BS 5609 certified and resistant to water, UV, and other elements, ensuring long-lasting prints, but they are also safer for indirect food contact and more environmentally friendly than solvent-based inks. This makes the X350 an ideal choice for food packaging and businesses focused on eco-conscious practices.

The X350 also features large ink tanks, each holding 2L of CMYK ink, with an optional upgrade to 5L, reducing downtime and enhancing continuous operation. Its energy-efficient design further adds value, saving on energy costs while maintaining high performance.

Supreme Print Quality

One of the X350’s standout features is its nozzle redundancy, guaranteeing consistent print quality and vibrant colors for every project. The printer’s user-friendly interface includes a 21-inch touchscreen, packed with advanced features and remote connectivity for easy management of printing jobs. This, combined with powerful cloud-based RIP software, simplifies your printing process, providing precise control and variable data capabilities.

Additionally, the X350 offers an optional inline slitter attachment, ideal for creating narrower rolls and expanding your range of label or packaging options.

Ready to Elevate Your Printing Operations? Discover the X350’s full potential and how it can enhance your printing workflow. Contact us for pricing details and request a free printed sample to experience the quality and capabilities of the X350 firsthand.

Afinia X350 Specifications Specs

Afinia X350 Specifications Specs

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