Wireless Label Printers

Technology is driving transformation in almost every industry, and the label printing world is no exception. Wireless technology has finally made its way into label printers, and it’s here to stay!

The seamless and effective work environment is made possible by wireless label printers, which provide users with efficiency and quality. You can also save money by using wireless printers because they don’t require a wire to connect to your home network.

Below, we’ll discuss what a wireless label printer is before jumping into its benefits. Later in the article, we’ll reveal the best wireless label printers to help you make the right choice:

Wireless Label Printers Print 1

Epson C4000 Printer

Wireless Label Printers CW C4000 Product 05 Left Angle Transparent Background

Epson C6000A Printer

Wireless Label Printers C6000WB scaled

Epson C7500 Printer

Wireless Label Printers c7500 wireless

A Quick Glance at Wireless Label Printers

A wireless or Wi-Fi label printer is a label printer that can connect to a network without needing wires and cables. Once you turn on your Wi-Fi, you can link the wireless printer with multiple devices, including tablets, phones, and mPOS payment systems, to print high-quality and vivid labels.

In addition, wireless thermal printers use revolutionary thermal print technology to maximize performance and prevent label waste. A bonus is that it helps save money by eliminating costly printer ink.

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How Do You Set Up a Wireless Label Printer?

Wireless printer setup varies based on your unique type of wireless printer. Generally, you’ll need to connect the printer to the computer network by providing the name of your network (SSID) and password.

For the purpose of installing software, many wireless printers need to be temporarily connected via cable to a networked computer.  However, some Wi-Fi label printers boast automated setup wizards, eliminating manual setup hassle.

We recommend reviewing your product’s instruction manual for step-by-step recommendations. It will also mitigate the risk of costly mistakes.

Benefits of Wireless Label Printers

With technology advancing, wireless label printers and wireless color label printers are proliferating in the label printing market. Here’s a look at their top seven benefits:

Wireless Label Printers wireless

It Offers Exceptional Mobility

A wireless label printer offers unparalleled mobility because there are no cable wires covering half the room. If you have a wired printer, you must be near it to print labels. However, wireless label printers allow you to print on the go.

It can be particularly helpful in business sectors where sales assistants must work from multiple checkout locations. It’s also ideal for companies with limited space!

Wireless Label Printers wireless 1

It Provides Versatility and Accessibility

A wireless label printer is versatile and easy to use. You can use it in an office, warehouse, factory, and retail store to print top-notch receipts, inspection data, tickets, and labels.

You simply have to connect the wireless printer to your network, and you can start printing within seconds!

Wireless Label Printers wireless 2

It Increases Workplace Accuracy

Maintaining accuracy throughout the workplace is essential in every business. Wireless printers enable your workforce to be self-sufficient and adhere to standards of accuracy.

Additionally, staff members can assign the proper labels using portable wireless printers to reduce the possibility of item misidentification.

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It Improves the Office’s Efficiency

A wireless label printer offers higher efficiency than traditional ones. You can print over 72 labels or receipts per minute.

In addition, the labels are easy to peel off and stick to the package, helping you save time and money. Moreover, allowing employees to print from their workstations can minimize lost productivity.

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It Allows You to Connect with Multiple Devices

A wireless printer lets you connect to any device, including your phone and tablet, to create attention-grabbing tickets and labels. Additionally, these printers can boost productivity and performance in the workplace.

A wireless label printer can perform multiple tasks depending on your business’s requirements. For instance, a retail manager may print receipts, whereas a sales representative might use them to produce tickets for an exclusive party.

Wireless Label Printers wireless 5

It’s Compact and Lightweight

Unlike traditional label printers, a wireless printer is lightweight and compact.

So, you can carry the portable wireless label printer to work from the comfort of your home office or in the warehouse. Furthermore, the label printer can be fitted into your vehicle with minimal space requirements.

Wireless Label Printers wireless 6

It’s Budget-Friendly

Anyone who runs a small business or a start-up will tell you that money management is crucial to success.

A wireless label printer is economical because it reduces supplementary expenses like ink and toner. As a result, you can reduce your budget while improving productivity!

Why Should I Choose TCS Digital Solutions for Wireless Label Printers?

A wireless label printer is essential due to its productivity, affordability, and usability. With their unmatched efficiency and accuracy, you can improve workplace productivity!

Here’s why TCS Digital Solutions’ wireless printers are ideal for your business or home office:

Wireless Label Printers bottle 7

Top Quality Brand Label Printers

Unlock an extensive catalog of this top-notch wireless printer by surfing TCS Digital Solutions’ website. You’ll discover numerous world-class label printers, including Epson and more!

In addition, we provide businesses and entrepreneurs with custom label printing solutions and ongoing printing support to help them succeed.

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Lowest Price Guaranteed

TCS Digital Solution guarantees the lowest price while being committed to delivering a superior level of service. We allow you to discover high-quality wireless label printers at a pocket-friendly price.

What’s more? We offer a $25 cashback in free labels if you can match or beat our online prices!

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Easy Financing

TCS Digital Solutions makes online shopping a breeze with its convenient payment options! You’ll be able to buy your dream wireless label maker using a consumer or business financing partner.

We allow you to pay using ClickLease, PayPal, Venmo, Providence Capital, CIT Bank, and Ridgestone Capital. You can clear out queries by contacting our support team via email.

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Store Gift Cards

Grab a top-notch wireless printer, and we’ll throw in a fun freebie! With this excellent gift card, you can buy any label printer that is wireless.

Besides this, our gift cards are perfect last-minute gifts! Gift cards can only be redeemed within six months of purchase.

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Cashback Offers

Enjoy bonus savings at TCS Digital Solutions by checking out its cashback offers!

With every Afinia label and Epson purchase, you can grab up to $500 cashback. Once you earn enough points, you can exchange them for a high-quality wireless printer.

Best Wireless Label Printers We Offer

There are numerous wireless label printers based on your budget and work volume. Here we’ve listed the top six wireless printers on sale:

Wireless Label Printers c7500 wireless 1

Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks C7500 (Gloss) Inkjet Color Label Printer

The Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks is a top-notch wireless color printer famous for printing fast, full-coverage labels within tight deadlines. The high-quality, efficient wireless printer offers reliable and ultra-fast performance, improved productivity, and nozzle verification for exceptional accuracy.

With this wireless label printer, you can produce vivid and eye-catching labels for retail, industrial, healthcare, and fresh food marketplaces. The cost-efficient printer helps minimize costs by a whopping 50%, beating laser and thermal printers!

Wireless Label Printers c6500p wireless scaled 1

Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks CW-C6500P (Gloss) Color Inkjet Label Printer with Peel and Present

The Bundle Epson ColorWorks CW-C6500P (Gloss) Color Inkjet Label Printer is a robust wireless color printer packed with world-class features and a compact design. The lightweight wireless printer is an upgrade from a black-and-white thermal printer and creates eye-catching labels.

The excellent wireless color printer improves accuracy and productivity by eliminating preprints. A bonus of this wireless label printer is that it’s compatible with Linux, major middleware, ZPL II, Windows, and Mac.

Wireless Label Printers c6500a wirless scaled 1

Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks CW-C6500A (Matte) Color Inkjet Label Printer with Auto Cutter

Another powerful wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks CW-C6500A (Matte) Color Inkjet 4×6 Label Printer, the Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks, is the perfect solution to all your label printing problems! The high-quality wireless printer has easy-to-use media handling capabilities, speed, features, and connectivity options.

What’s more? With this wireless thermal label printer, you can improve speed by 5″ per second, enhancing productivity and performance. Plus, the wireless printer offers a stunning 1200 dpi resolution.

Wireless Label Printers c6000p wireless scaled 1

Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000P (Gloss) Color Inkjet Label Printer with Auto Peel and Present

If you’re seeking a superior-quality yet affordable wireless label printer (4×6), look no further than the Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000P! The wireless printer offers user reliability, top-notch results, and leading support.

Additionally, the wireless label printer uses thermal technology to help save time and money while improving productivity. Moreover, the brand offers seamless integration with Linux, Mac, major middleware, SAP, and Windows.

Wireless Label Printers C6000WB scaled 1

Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000A (Gloss) Color Inkjet Label Printer with Auto Cutter

Upgrade your workplace wireless label printer by installing the Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks CW-6000A! The reliable and solid Epson-powered wireless printer prints labels up to 5.8″ per second and delivers on-demand color labels.

The Epson CW-C6000A Gloss Inkjet Printer features a vivid 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, producing crisp, attention-grabbing images. In addition, you can integrate the top-notch printer with numerous remote printer management software programs.

Wireless Label Printers CW C4000 Product 05 Left Angle Transparent Background 1

Wireless Bundle Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000 Color Inkjet Label Printer (Matte)

Another must-have wireless label printer, the Wireless Bundle Epson CW-C4000, produces durable and eye-catching labels. The eco-friendly and reliable label printer offers remote printer management to help large fleets streamline their workflow.

In addition, the CW-C4000 boosts productivity by eliminating the need to preprint and providing an in-built Wi-Fi adapter. Plus, due to its safety certifications, the 4×6 label printer (wireless) offers you peace of mind.

Wireless Label Printers – Frequently Asked Questions

How does a wireless printer work?

A wireless printer connects to a network without a cable wire. Once you click the wireless label printer on the Wi-Fi network, you can print receipts, labels, etc., using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What is the difference between a wireless and a regular printer?

The primary difference between a wireless printer and a wired one is that the former requires no wires, whereas the latter uses USB for direct connection.

Therefore, wireless label printers offer users the benefits of a traditional printer along with convenience and mobility.

Can a wireless printer work without the Internet?

Yes. You can use your wireless printer without an Internet connection since the router handles communication between the network and devices.

Does a wireless printer need to be connected to the router?

Most label printers have a built-in router. However, if yours doesn’t, you can still make it wireless by linking to a nearby router.

You must connect your label printer to your local Wi-Fi to start!

What do you need to do to set up a wireless printer?

Connecting your wireless printer to a local network is straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Turn your wireless label printer and locate the Wireless LAN Settings.
  • Navigate the home network service set identifier (SSID) in the bottom right.
  • Enter your local Wi-FI password and hit “Connect.”
  • Locate the Windows icon to reveal the Windows Start Menu.
  • Click the gear icon and Devices button to find the Add a Printer/Scanner option.
  • Select the Add Device button and allow your computer to handle the rest.

How far away can my wireless printer be from my computer?

Most wireless printers have a maximum distance of 100 feet between the printer and the access point.

How do I print from my phone to a wireless printer?

You can print from your phone by navigating to the “Pair new devices” button and locating your printer.

How can I connect my wireless printer to my Wi-Fi

You can connect your wireless label printer to the Wi-Fi by visiting the Settings button. Next, locate the “Devices > Printers and Scanners” option.

If your printer does not appear on the list, you can “Add a Printer or Scanner” by entering the password.

Will a wireless printer work with any laptop?

Yes. Most wireless printers include a USB port, so they’ll work with any Bluetooth-compatible laptop and wireless router.

Should I leave my wireless printer switched on all the time?

A label printer (with WiFi) that’s always on keeps the print heads cleaner. However, ensure you clean and maintain the wireless printer daily.

Is it hard to install a wireless printer?

No! Wireless printers are easy to install and require no more than a couple of steps to get started!

How do I install a wireless printer onto my laptop?

You can install a wireless printer on your laptop by locating it in the Settings>Devices> Printers and Scanners button.

After that, you can manually add the printer by adding your password.

Are wireless printers worth it?

Yes! Wireless printers are 100% worth it because of their exceptional mobility, convenience, and ease of use. They also help you save time and money!

How far away can I print from a wireless printer?

You can move up to 100 feet to print on your wireless printer.

How do I print from my phone to a wireless printer?

You can connect your wireless label printer to your mobile phone to print vivid images.

What is the difference between a wireless printer and a Wi-Fi printer?

The main distinction between wireless printers and Wi-Fi printers is that the former can print by connecting to a laptop or smartphone, whereas the latter requires active Internet access.

Which is the best wireless printer to buy?

Afinia Label Printer, Epson, NeuraLabelCallisto, Primera, Quick Label Printer, and Trojan Label Printer are just a few of the many trustworthy and high-quality product label printers you can find!

Contact us now to get personalized Wireless Label Printer help!

Wireless Label Printer can be difficult to choose as they come in different sizes and shapes based on the application. Here at TCS Digital, our focus is to help our customers get the right solution for their Printing. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we will always strive to do what it takes to exceed your expectations.



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