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Afinia L701 Digital Color Label Printer SKU: 31854

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Powered Unwinder Sold Separately #30762 (see below)

Receive a $225 discount when you purchase $225 of blank labels with the purchase of an Afinia L701 Label Printer. This discount is automatically applied to your cart once these conditions are met.

Affordability without compromise

The Afinia L701 Color Label Printer—our lowest initial cost offering with Memjet technology—allows you to print high-impact, full-color labels without breaking the bank. The L701 is a great fit for multiple-printer installations or applications where high performance, low initial investment, and a smaller footprint are all required.

The intuitive L701 is a great option for small- to mid-sized companies looking to print their own full-color labels in house. The Memjet-powered stationary printhead provides speed, industrial reliability, and stunning image quality. Five large (150ml CYMKK) ink cartridges offer low label costs and high return on investment, making the L701 ideal for short- to medium-range print runs for retail, inventory, and product identification applications.

Key Features

  • Mid-volume printing
  • Medium-fast print speeds (≤ 8 IPS)
  • Low ink costs
  • Lowest initial cost Memjet printer

SKU: 31854

Replacement Warranty Option:
$645 L701 Hot Swap Replacement Warranty

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Afinia L701 Digital Color Label Printer Fan Fold Video

Powered Unwinder Sold Separately #30762 (see below)

Looking to revolutionize your label printing process? The Afinia L701 Printer is the best option for vivid, superior labels. At TCS Digital Solutions, we’re proud to offer this cutting-edge printer that combines precision, efficiency, and affordability. With the Afinia L701, you can expect seamless printing of colorful labels that make your products stand out on the shelves. With its flexible features and easy-to-use interface, this printer meets the needs of both small and large businesses. With the Afinia L701 Printer from TCS Digital Solutions, bid adieu to antiquated printing techniques and hello to the label printing of the future.

Afinia L701 Label Printer

The Afinia L701 Label Printer is a powerhouse of efficiency and precision, specifically engineered to meet the demands of modern labeling applications. This printer continuously produces excellent results thanks to its cutting-edge technology and sturdy design. Whether you’re printing product labels, packaging, or promotional materials, the Afinia L701 ensures unmatched quality and clarity every time.

High-Quality Printing

Experience the advantages of Memjet™ technology encapsulated within a compact form factor. Leveraging Memjet’s stationary “Waterfall” printhead innovation, this printer facilitates swift paper movement without compromising on print resolution, reliability, or color fidelity. Achieve striking, attention-grabbing labels with resolutions of up to 1600 x 1600 dpi, ensuring exceptional image quality with every print.

Afinia L701 Digital Color Label Printer SKU: 31854 L 701

Low Label Costs

Cost-effective label printing is made achievable with the Afinia L701 color label printer. Equipped with five substantial (150mL CYMKK) ink cartridges, this printer ensures low label expenses and significant returns on investment. Perfect for short to medium print runs in retail, inventory management, and product identification scenarios, the Afinia L701 delivers optimal efficiency and savings. Experience the benefits firsthand by requesting a printed sample from the Afinia L701 to witness the savings compared to outsourcing.

Affordable Warranties & Reliable Support

TCS Digital Solutions offers the Afinia L701 Digital Color Label Printer, known for its affordability without compromising quality. This printer, featuring Memjet technology, allows businesses to print high-impact, full-color labels at a lower initial cost. With its tiny footprint, minimum initial investment, and outstanding performance, the L701 is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized organizations. For short- to medium-range print runs in retail, inventory, and product identification applications, the Memjet-powered stationary printhead of the Afinia label A701 printer offers impressive speed, industrial reliability, and picture quality. The printer’s five large ink cartridges also provide a high return on investment and affordable label costs.

Key Features

  • – Achieves a print speed of up to 40 feet per minute (equivalent to 8 inches per second)
  • – Compact and consolidated design for space efficiency
  • – Positioned as the most cost-effective Memjet™ label printer offered by Afinia
  • – Compatible with both label rolls and fanfold media for versatile printing options
  • – Delivers professional-grade high-resolution output, ensuring sharp images and text quality

Fanfold Media Compatible

The Afinia L701 Color Label Printer is designed to be compatible with fanfold media, offering flexibility for users to utilize both roll-fed and fanfold blank labels during printing. Easy feeding and printing are made possible for users by just removing the roll rewinder attachment and positioning a box or stack of inkjet-compatible fanfold labels behind the printer. This feature enables the creation of a clean stack of finished labels as they are printed. The L701’s support for fanfold media contributes to its versatility and suitability for various label printing applications, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking cost-effective and efficient label printing solutions.


For detailed specifications of the Afinia L701, please refer to our product page:

Optional Afinia L701 Rewinder

Enhance your printing capabilities with the optional Afinia L701 Rewinder, enabling full-speed printing in a roll-to-roll setup. This configuration allows for seamless continuous printing with both die-cut and uncut media on the Afinia L701. Upon completion, the Afinia L701 Rewinder delivers neatly wound labels on 3-inch cores, primed for immediate application.

What’s in the Box

  •   – Afinia L701 Label Printer
  •   – Power Cable
  •   – USB Cable
  •   – Set of L701 CMYKK Ink Cartridges (150 mL each)
  •   – Two L701 Black Ink Cartridges
  •   – One L701 Cyan Ink Cartridge
  •   – One L701 Magenta Ink Cartridge
  •   – One L701 Yellow Ink Cartridge
  •   – L701 Printhead
  •   – Quick Setup Guide
  •   – Short Sample Label Roll
  •   – Powered Unwinder (packaged separately)

Compatible Accessories & Supplies

Below are the compatible accessories & supplies for the Afinia L701:

  •   – L701 Printhead (22537)
  •   – L701 Black Ink Cartridge (30300)
  •   – L701 Cyan Ink Cartridge (30314)
  •   – L701 Magenta Ink Cartridge (30321)
  •   – L701 Yellow Ink Cartridge (30307)
  •   – L701 Rewinder (31336)

Want to explore more variations of the Label printers? Wondering about the Afinia L701 label printer price? Choose the ideal Afinia label printer for your needs by looking through our selection. If you have any additional questions about our Afinia L701 label printer, please email, give us a call at (762) 208-6985, or use the contact form. Our Knowledgeable Staff will help you.

Print Method:Memjet Waterfall Printhead Technology® 11 Integrated Circuit (IC) Chips – 70,400 nozzles (6,400 per IC Chip)
Inks:Dye-based, 150mL CMYKK cartridges (750mL total) — Watershield water-resistant formula available
Print Resolution:1600×1600 dpi or 1600×800 dpi
Print Speed:6"–8" per second (152mm–203mm)
Print Width:8.5" (216mm)
Media Types:Compatible with a range of paper, polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl label stocks
Media Width:2"–8.5" (50.8mm–216mm)
Media Length:2"–40" (50.8mm–1016mm)
Thickness:Minimum 0.005" (0.13mm) Maximum 0.01" (0.3mm, including liner)
Maximum Roll Diameter:6" (152mm)
Core Diameter:Requires 3" (76.2mm) cardboard core
Media Sensors:Gap, continuous, black mark
Die-Cut Label Gap:Minimum 0.125" (3.0mm) Maximum 0.3" (8.0mm)
Black mark:3mm wide, 25.4mm long, Left side position
Interfaces:USB 2.0, TCP/IP (Manual IP configuration or DHCP), GPIO available for external device control
Operating System:Windows 7+ (32 and 64 bit)
Barcode Font:1D Barcode at least Grade B (Code39) with 10mils bar width
2-D Code Printing:2D Barcode at least Grade B (PDF417) with 10mils cell size
Operating Temperature:15°–35° C (59°–95°F) at RH 20–80%
Storage Temperature:-5°–50° C (23°–113°F) at RH up to 85%, non-condensing at 65°
Overall Dimensions:With unwinder: 549mm (21.6") W, 679mm (21.6") D, 285mm (11.2") H Printer only: 510mm (20.1") W, 385mm (15.2") D, 285mm (11.2") H
Weight:66lbs (30kg)
Rated Voltage:AC 110V – 220V
Rated Frequency:50–60Hz
Warranty:One year

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