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A Barcode Label Printer is essential for business owners and store managers, playing a pivotal role in daily operations. It ensures accurate pricing and inventory management, which is critical for efficient and streamlined business activities. By automating the labeling process, this device helps reduce human errors, ensuring that product information is always correct. A barcode label printer can dramatically increase business productivity by giving clients the most recent pricing information and reducing inconsistencies. Efficiency is increased, and customer satisfaction and trust are also raised.

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How Barcode Label Printers add value

Barcode Label Printers allow integration with internal systems

As the retail market continues to be less and less dependent on human interaction, Barcode label printers are now built to seamlessly integrate with Point of Sales and E-commerce platforms. As pricing and product info get updated on the floor, all internal systems automatically get the latest changes made. Not only do retail endpoints benefit from such integration, applications such such as Woocommerce, Square, Shopify are also getting integrated to help Businesses be more agile and effective.

Barcode Label printers provide high quality and durable labels

Understanding how your barcode label will be used, you can start to pick and choose the right printer for your needs. For small to medium light-industrial printing operations, mid-range printers offer durability and ruggedness at a lower price point than industrial barcode printers. TCS Digital Solutions is available to help assess your use case and suggest the best Barcode label printer for your Business

Barcode Label Printers adapt to any volume

Regardless of your print volume, there’s a Barcode label printer on the market for you. Our clients use case include asset management, warehousing, inventory, delivery and service applications. Businesses will quickly see time and money for not having to send in their label printing jobs regardless of the volume at hand.

Barcode Label Printers are portable

Barcode label printers are mostly lightweight and can be moved around easily to any job site or specific stores. Most of them come with their own keyboard for ease of navigation and design preference. Now more than ever, Businesses can use a single printer for multiple sites without outsourcing.

What Is a Barcode Label Printer?

A barcode label printer is a specialized tool designed to print barcode labels for various applications. These include inventory management, asset tracking, and product labeling, making them indispensable tools for many businesses. To ensure long-lasting readability, bar code label printers are made to produce strong, durable labels that can tolerate a variety of environmental factors. Companies can use these printers to maintain accurate records, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency. The precision and reliability of barcode label printers are crucial for reducing errors and improving overall business performance.

Top Quality Barcode Label Printers that We Offer

Afinia L801 Commercial Barcode Label Printer

The Afinia L801 is a commercial-grade barcode label printer known for its high-speed printing and exceptional color quality. This is the best option for companies that need many labels with clear text and vivid colors.

Learn more about the Afinia L801 barcode printer.

Primera LX910 Barcode Label Maker

The Primera LX910 is a versatile barcode label maker that offers high-resolution printing and is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. It is user-friendly and provides excellent print quality for various labeling needs.

Learn more about Primera LX910 barcode printer.

Epson ColorWorks C7500 Gloss Inkjet Barcode Label Printer

The Epson ColorWorks C7500 printer generates glossy, long-lasting labels and is intended for high-volume printing. It is appropriate for companies that require dependable and durable labels for their goods.

Learn more about the Epson ColorWorks C7500 barcode printer.

Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000 Inkjet Barcode Label Printer (Matte)

Producing excellent matte labels, the Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000 is a small and powerful barcode label printer. It is perfect for companies with high label quality standards but little floor space.

Learn more about Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000 bar code printers.

Why You Should Choose TCS Digital Solutions for Barcode Label Printers

TCS Digital Solutions is committed to providing top-quality barcode label printers or QR code printers that meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our state-of-the-art bar code printer ensures precision and efficiency in all your labeling needs. Our products have excellent dependability, robustness, and performance, which are well-known features. We guarantee you will find the ideal solution for your labeling needs by providing many printers to meet various business needs. Businesses rely on our bar code label printers for fast, accurate, high-quality printing.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We promise the best deals on all of our barcode label printers. We will match any lower price you find elsewhere to ensure you get the best value.

Learn more about our Lowest Price guarantee.

Easy Financing

TCS Digital Solutions provides easy business financing options through partners like First Citizens Bank, ClickLease, and others. For larger purchases, leasing options are available, and customers may be eligible for low financing rates. Thanks to Section 179 tax incentives, businesses can immediately depreciate the costs of new or used equipment. We like to provide you with options for purchasing, like our barcode printer.

Learn more about Easy Financing.

Store Gift Cards

TCS Digital Solutions sells gift cards ranging from $25 to $600 that can be used to purchase any products in their store. Gift cards provided as gifts with specific item purchases can also be used on subsequent orders. Online gift card balance checks are available to customers.

Learn more about Store Gift Cards.

CashBack Offers

Take advantage of our cashback offers to save even more on your purchases. We provide cashback on select products, making equipping your business with the best barcode label printers even more affordable.

Learn more about CashBack Offers.

Benefits of Barcode Label Printer

  • Improved Accuracy: Barcode label printers help maintain accurate inventory and pricing, reducing the risk of human errors.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automating the labeling process saves time and increases productivity.
  • Better Customer Experience: Up-to-date pricing information ensures customers can shop with confidence.
  • Integration with Systems: Modern barcode label printers can streamline operations with POS and e-commerce platforms.
  • Efficiency and reliability are the hallmarks of our top-rated bar code printer.

Investing in a high-quality barcode printer can significantly improve your inventory tracking system.

Use Cases for Barcode Label Printers. WHO NEEDS THEM?


A barcode label printer is the most important piece of hardware a retailer can own. It helps them to identify, associate products within a given database while creating new entry for the future. Without a barcode, retailers entire inventory will be left at the mercy of potential human errors.


A barcode is a unique identifier among thousands of items shipped. To track movement between point of departure and arrival, each parcel must be labeled with a barcode or else merchandise / products might get lost in transit to customers or partners.

LX Series

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Barcode label Printers epson

Barcode Label standard and uses

Bar Code Standard Uses
Uniform Product Code (UPC) Retail stores for sales checkout; inventory, etc.
Code 39
(Code 3 of 9)
Identification, inventory, and tracking shipments
POSTNET Encoding zip codes on U.S. mail
European Article Number (EAN) A superset of the UPC that allows extra digits for country identification
Japanese Article Number (JAN) Similar to the EAN, used in Japan
Bookland Based on ISBN numbers and used on book covers
ISSN bar code Based on ISSN numbers, used on periodicals outside the U.S.
Code 128 Used in preference to Code 39 because it is more compact
Interleaved 2 of 5 Used in the shipping and warehouse industries
Codabar Used by Federal Express, in libraries, and blood banks
MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) A special font used for the numbers on the bottom of bank checks
OCR-A The optical character recognition format used on book covers for the human readable version of the ISBN number
OCR-B Used for the human readable version of the UPC, EAN, JAN, Bookland, and ISSN bar codes and for optional human-readable digits with Code 39 and Interleaved 2 of 5 symbols
Maxicode Used by the United Parcel Service
PDF417 A new 2-D type of bar code that can encode up to 1108 bytes of information; can become a compressed, portable data file (which is what the “PDF” stands for)

Barcode Label Printer – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Print My Barcodes?

Yes, printing your own barcodes using a barcode label printer is possible. This enables you to alter labels to fit your company’s requirements.

How Do A Label Printer And A Barcode Printer Differ From One Another?

While a barcode printer is explicitly made to print barcodes and other identification tags, a label printer can print many kinds of labels. 

Can A Barcode Be Printed On A Regular Printer?

No, you need a specialized barcode printer to print barcodes accurately. Regular printers may need to produce the required quality and precision.

What Kind Of Printer Is Required To Print Barcode Labels?

You will need a thermal transfer or direct thermal printer to print barcode labels. The purpose of these printers is to generate robust, long-lasting barcodes.

Does Printing Barcodes Require A Specific Kind Of Printer?

Yes, a unique barcode printer is required to ensure the barcodes are printed correctly and can be scanned accurately.

Does The Barcode Printer Need Ink?

Thermal transfer barcode printers use ribbons instead of ink, while direct thermal printers do not require ink or ribbons.

Why Won't My Printer Print Barcodes?

Printer setting misconfigurations or unsupported printer models could be why your printer is not printing barcodes correctly. Please check the manufacturer’s instructions.

How Do I Choose A Barcode Printer?

Consider the volume and speed of printing, the type of labels you need, and your budget when choosing a barcode printer.

How Do Printers For Barcodes Operate?

Barcode printers use thermal transfer or direct thermal technology to print barcodes on labels. The printer heats the label material to produce the barcode image.

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