Industrial Label Printers: An Investment Worth Making

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An industrial label printer that lags during an ongoing printing job gets jammed repeatedly, takes forever to print, or requires extensive involvement from technicians only increases the burden of teams and the cost for your business. And when it finally prints, you get an output that is fuzzy, blurred, and sub-par. If used as is, such industrial labels or barcodes could potentially hurt the brand’s image.

As a business owner, you cannot risk printing labels or barcodes that shoot up your costs without delivering value. Using a low-quality industrial printer often creates all of these challenges, giving you a final product that is not up to the mark. However, these problems only occur when you use average industrial label printers for your business or brand. To become a prominent name in industrial label printing, you need a solution that saves precious time, effort, and capital.

So, instead of wasting hours in a long printing process only to get a disappointing output, invest in a smart, high-tech industrial label printer. And where can you find such high-quality industrial printers? at reputed online sellers, such as TCS Digital Solutions. You are assured of the most premium printer options at exciting prices here.

With industrial printers from brands like Epson and Afinia, our platform assures you of high-quality prints in bulk quantities. So, keep reading if you want to invest in the best industrial label maker. Let us take you through the market’s most trusted industrial office printers.

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Top Industrial Label Printers

The industrial color label printers offered by TCS Digital Solutions are designed for high-output printing. These printers process at high speeds, and the superior printhead technology can be seen in the results. So if you aim to produce clear and accurate labels for a wide range of industrial applications, choose from one of our best industrial label printers. Plus, they come with smart features like colorful LCD displays, various resolutions, advanced communication options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and much more.

With efficient and advanced models of industrial label printers, you do not have to worry about issues like blurred prints, long waiting hours, and inaccurate results. You get your money’s worth when you use high-performing and high-volume industrial label makers and printers sold by TCS Digital Solutions.

Let us take you through some of the top industrial label printers at TCS Digital Solutions. You can go through the product specifications and features and make a well-informed investment decision to scale up your business:

Afinia Label Printers

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A well-known name among industrial label printing machines on the market, Afinia’s industrial label printers offer businesses high-definition prints at low costs. The Afinia L901/901 Plus Industrial Color Label Printer is built for high-volume, roll-to-roll production at quick speeds. The best part? Your ink costs will be cut in half with this industrial label printer.
Other best-sellers from Afinia are L801/801 Plus, which offer high speeds and crystal-clear image quality and are best for continuous, roll-to-roll production. It also promises low ink costs, increasing profitability.
F502 Duo Ink Color Label Printer, a fanfold printer for mid-level production. It is BS5069 certified and is recommended for printing drum labels and event ticketing.

Epson Label Printers

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If precision is high on your list of priorities while looking for industrial barcode printers, then the Epson ColorWorks C7500 is worth investing in for your business. Complete with a full-color glossy label printing output of up to 11.8 inches per second. This is the best industrial printer, with high-performing capabilities to print vibrant labels with accurate hues, smooth gradations, ultra-sharp texts, and precise barcodes.

Another popular pick is the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000A, a matte-color inkjet label printer with an automatic cutter. This model is the first to be crafted as a color upgrade to black-and-white thermal printers. It packs powerful features, including a resolution of up to 1200 DPI, crisp images, and compatibility with ZPL II, SAP, Windows, MAC, and Linux.

The Epson ColorWorks C3500 is a cost-effective and user-friendly option for small or new businesses. This Inkjet color label printer is relatively compact, and the industry label printer packs powerful features that allow four-color label printing. Aside from this, it provides superior ink quality, rear-feed capability for fanfold and large rolls, BS5609 certification, and low-cost maintenance.

NeuraLabel Label Printers

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The quality of the commercial and industrial label printer machines offered by NeuraLabel is unmatched. Its best-selling NeuraLabel Callisto Label Printers offer printing water- and chemical-resistant labels using pigment inks, a speed of 18 IPS. These industrial label machines also support Adobe, Nicelabel, Bartender, and other commonly used software.

NeuraLabel Callisto 13” Label Printer offers roll-to-roll, or R2R printing on a wide range of media, such as paper or synthetic material, in widths up to 13 inches. Although the model falls in the middle price range, around $6000, it’s an all-rounder industry label printer that produces high-quality output to meet all your business label printing requirements.

Next is the NeuraLabel Callisto 12” Label Printer, which packs powerful features. It is a high-speed, high-volume inkjet label printer that uses advanced HP PageWide technology to print labels on various substrates at speeds of up to 100 feet per minute. It can print labels in any width from 1 to 12 inches on roll-fed or fanfold media and uses water-resistant pigment inks that meet BS5609 standards for adhesion, resistance to abrasion, saltwater immersion, and UV exposure. It has print speeds of up to 18 inches per second and is built with a commercial-grade, robust, and durable aluminum frame for accuracy and longevity.

You can also explore NeuraLabel ink cartridges, including Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan colors, which offer HD color printing to produce dramatic and rich hues when paired with NeuraLabel Callisto printers.

Primera Label Printers

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Another name in the market that delivers what it promises, the fastest industrial label printers by Primera are the LX3000 Color Label Printer, Dye Ink and Pigment Ink variations, complete with a multi-use print head, separate CMY dye tanks, and a pizza-wheel style cutter. The next best-seller by the brand is the LX600 Color Label Printer, which is suitable for various industries, such as chemicals, beauty, health, food, beverage, etc. Investing in one such industrial color label printer will ensure high-quality output and profitability.

QuickLabel Label Printers

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Offering a wide range of industrial labeling machines, QuickLabel promises a cost-effective output for any purpose. For a compact industrial label machine, you can try the QuickLabel QL-120Xe, the brand’s most affordable, beginner-friendly option, offering some great features. QuickLabel Printers are made especially keeping new businesses in mind. This industrial label maker machine is a tabletop digital label printer that delivers the same performance and reliability as the QL-120X model but at an entry-level price. It allows small businesses and startups to achieve attractive and compelling branding for their products and comes with a one-year warranty.

For more advanced requirements, such as printing wide labels, the brand offers the QuickLabel QL-850, a high-performance, wide-format label printer with advanced inkjet technology. It uses Natura food-safe inks that provide high label durability and flexibility to print a wide range of label shapes and sizes. It is designed to meet all labeling needs, and the search for the perfect combination of performance and durability ends with this product. You can also check out the Printhead available for the T2, T3, and T4 models, which are all-in-one presses for effective industrial label printing. These can be utilized for food and health product labeling.

TrojanLabel Label Printers

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This brand has a vast line-up of high-performing industrial labeling machines and printers. TrojanLabel T2 is the most affordable mini-press option for businesses that want the features of a more extensive and more expensive press. With an impressive print speed of up to 12 IPS, the T2 model by TrojanLabel generates long printing runs in a short time.

Interestingly, the brand prides itself on producing the world’s first water-based inkjet mini press, the TrojanLabel T2-L. This printer also offers packaging solutions and inline cold lamination, which are helpful features in industrial barcode printers. Notably, the inline cold lamination also allows for agile packaging that is safe for food products. This eliminates the otherwise complex methods of producing physically flexible packaging.

Next is the , a wide-format, direct-to-package printing solution. The specifications include 1200 x 1200 DPI, up to 18 IPS (27m/min), 0–100mm (automatic height calibration), and ink types such as pigmented ink and four individual CMYK cartridges. The machine can produce prints on various materials, including cardboard boxes, postcards, wooden blocks, paper bags, and even thicker objects like ready-for-shipment folded boxes.

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Industrial Label Printers – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an industrial printer cost?

Good industrial printers bought from a reputed seller like TCS Digital Solutions can cost anywhere between $1,500–3,800, depending on the model’s features. It must be noted that investing in a high-cost industrial label printer that will cut down on ink- and time-related costs is better than purchasing a low-priced one, which may incur additional costs.

How long does it take to install an industrial printer?

An industrial color printer may take a few hours to several days to set up. This would vary as per factors like the size of the machine, the site, the installation team’s availability, etc. Schedule calls with the setting-up team at each step to ensure a fast installation process.

How many labels per day should I get on an industrial printer?

Typically, investing in industrial printers is advised only if you need to produce about 60,000 labels daily. If so, a large industrial printer would be best for this purpose, which you can purchase from TCS Digital Solutions.

How much ink does an industrial printer have?

Industrial printers vary in ink capacity, as do the ink cartridges used with such printers. Usually, for an industrial label printer, you can find a rough number of prints that the ink can provide you with on the product or the packaging. Industrial printers or cartridges will clearly mention this information to the buyer. If you still cannot figure it out, you can always contact the store or seller.

How many DPI does an industrial printer print?

Dots per inch, or DPI, are the number of printed dots and the space between them. Having a clear output is an essential factor in industrial printers. Usually, an industrial label printer’s DPI can range from 300 to 1200 DPI, depending on the model. If you are buying an industrial barcode printer, opt for one with the highest DPI.

Where can I get the best industrial label printers?

Investing in a label maker, whether industrial or commercial, is an essential step for a business. Therefore, you must only trust reputed sellers, such as TCS Digital Solutions, for your purchase. At TCS Digital Solutions, you will find various industrial label machines at different price points, with all the features you need to ensure a smooth printing process.

Which is the best printer for industrial use?

When looking for the best industrial label printer, you can go with any of the following industrial label makers:

  • TrojanLabel T2
  • NeuraLabel Sirius Label Printer
  • QuickLabel 200-Z Fold
  • Afinia L901/901 Plus Industrial Color Label Printer
  • Epson SurePress L-4533AW Digital Label Press
  • Afinia L901/901 Plus Industrial Color Label Printer
  • Afinia L801/801 Plus Industrial Color Label Printer
  • Afinia F502 Duo Ink Color Label Printer

Further, if you are looking for something with a specific set of requirements, you can leave us a query, and we would be more than happy to help you out.

To conclude, a premium online seller of a wide range of industrial label printers should be able to offer you a reliable, high-performing, and smart industrial label printer at a competitive price. At TCS Digital Solutions, you will be greeted by the top-most brands and products in the industrial printers market.

The smooth shopping experience on the user-friendly TCS Digital Solutions website, along with an expert customer support team, ensures that you get the creme de la creme of industrial label printers for your commercial label printing needs. Choose from the best options in the market for your business right away by heading over to our products section

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