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Creating Custom Beer Labels to Match Your Brand

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In any line of business, identity is critical. Having a clear identity allows you to market your brand, spread your message, and inform your audience about your products. A well-formed identity helped turn a simple image of an apple into the most recognized logo in America.
A perfect way for a brewery to help establish this identity is through the labels on their beer. This is the part of the product customers will interact with and will be the first thing to catch their eye.
So, creating a great custom beer label can help create success. Today, we’re going to find out how to create and print beer labels that will match your brand.

Consider Your Audience

The first thing to consider when establishing any business identity is the audience. Ultimately, what the customers like will decide the success of the products a business offers. Ensuring that you are meeting these preferences will go a long way.
Find out what type of customers you have. College students will have different preferences than business professionals, so knowing which group you are dealing with is critical.
This can then be used to create good beer label designs. If your audience is more wild and adventurous, the labels you make may want to capture this spirit. If your audience is more reserved, you may want to go with a more straightforward or even minimalist design.

Consider Your Company’s Brand

Knowing your audience can help give you a direction to head toward. However, your company’s personal brand provides the next step. Consider what kind of company you have and how you serve your market.
A big part of this is setting yourself apart. If your market is packed with wild and crazy labels, your beer may actually stand out more if you create labels that are more clear and straightforward. Of course, if the opposite is the case then the reverse is true.
You may also want to consider theming your beer can label design. This would involve giving each beer an identity that connects to the others. For example, Great Lakes Brewing gives almost all of its beers a nautical theme that connects to the company’s identity.
One way to do this could be to use your local area as a theme. Having images of different local landmarks on each beer will help you immediately connect with your audience. It also emphasizes your importance and connection to the community.

Keep the Type of Beer in Mind

Once you have decided on the general elements and styles you want your beer labels to have, it is time to work on the labels for individual beers. You want to ensure the label you are creating matches the type of beer the label is going on.
Color is an easy way to do this. You can instantly indicate your beer is a red ale by giving it a red label.
In the case of stouts and porters, a darker label can draw the interest of those interested in these beers. In most cases, matching the color of the beer to its label can be helpful.
The feeling of the beer can also play a part. If your beer is light and crisp, you may not want the label to feature intimidating designs. However, if your beer has an intense flavor, a more intense design may complement it well.
Finally, consider the ingredients. If your beer is packed with fruit flavors or has a flavor reminiscent of some food, you may want to put images of those ingredients on the label. This helps give customers a picture of what they will be tasting before they taste it.

Make Sure It Catches the Eye

Like any type of marketing, craft beer label design needs to be eye-catching. If your label does not look good, customers will assume it is an inferior product.
Make sure to keep artistic features in mind while designing your label. Color, form, line,
shape, space, texture, and value are the core elements of art and should be used well.
In addition, make sure everything looks professional. If your label uses lots of art, make sure it is attractive and drawn well. If your label heavily emphasizes text, make sure the font is legible and matches the rest of the visuals.

Print Your Labels

Once you’ve decided on different beer bottle labels, you need to actually print them. This can be done by either having the labels printed for you or by printing them yourself.
If you choose to have the labels printed for you, the process is straightforward. You need to find a company that does custom labels for beverages and request a quote. Then, you submit your design and they will send you the finished product.
However, if you choose to print your labels yourself, you can save money and time. You save money by not paying another company for what you are able to handle on your own. You save time by eliminating the submission process and any shipping time.
If you choose to print your own labels, the first step in this process is to get a proper label printer. Then, once you know how to use it, the possibilities are endless. You can start printing your own labels whenever you want.
This will be particularly helpful in specific situations. If you have a limited edition brew, it prevents you from having to pay for shipping on a smaller order of labels. In addition, if you want to create a beer label focused on a timely topic, the expedited process can help you do this.

Make Your Custom Beer Label Match Your Brand

There is a lot to consider when creating a custom beer label. However, doing so can help create a memorable brand, a positive business identity, and a potential increase in sales. Plus, when you print your own labels, you have control over every step of the process.
If you are interested in a printer that will allow you to print your own beer labels, contact TCS Digital Solutions to find out which printer works best for your situation.

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