How to Choose the Best Label Printer for Your Needs

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Choosing the best label printer for you or your business means taking into consideration your specific label printing needs. If you’re looking for the perfect label printer read this label printing buying guide to learn more!

The Right Printer

There are a wide range of printers to choose from. Because of the competition between different printer companies, prices are dropping. But, cost is certainly not the only consideration.

Inkjet Color Label Printers

Inkjet printers are the standard in office printers today. They are versatile and can print almost anything. As such, they are increasingly taking over the small / medium label printing industry.

While inkjet label printing offers many advantages over traditional label printing technologies there are also potential downsides. Ink cost, durability and printhead life are some of the primary things to consider when purchasing an inkjet color label printer. For instance, inkjet label printers that use dye ink may be vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and UV rays. It’s also important to ensure the printhead life of any inkjet printer matches your specific label printing needs.

Some reliable inkjet label printers are the Epson Colorworks and Quicklabel 120 series. The Epson Colorworks come with models in various options for your needs.

The Epson Colorworks C6500 comes in two types. These types are the C6500A with an auto-cutter and C6500P with a peeler. You can also choose a gloss or matte model printer depending on your preference.

The Quicklabel brand also offers two outstanding label printers. The 120D features durable pigment-based ink and UV fade resistance. Meanwhile, the 120x comes with a 2-year warranty and efficient ink cartridges.

Laser Label Printers

Unlike inkjets, laser printers do not use ink cartridges. Instead, these printers use toners.

Laser printers can also print fast and are more cost-efficient to print in bulk. You can also print more economically in monochrome only.

Quicklabel also offers a laser printer that might be suitable for you. The QL-300 series is an outstanding label printer in the CMYK or CMYK+White variety.

Printing in white allows you to print on different colored and transparent materials. It’s also UV and scratch-resistant, which is a superb choice if your label will be under harsh conditions. These printers are fast and have a wide range of print sizes.

Other Factors To Consider

There are also some things to consider in choosing the best label printer for you. These may not seem important, but they can affect your printing experience.

Paper Handling and Size

Nowadays, many printers can accommodate a variety of label and paper sizes. However, it is worth considering that a small label handler will need refilling more often than a larger one. Roll to roll label printing systems overcome many of these issues.

Supply Availability and Cost

Make sure that whatever manufacturer you choose there are available spare supplies for your color label printer.

Learn how much the replacements are, and the cost of repairing them. Some printers have expensive cartridges, so check that as well.


Remember to include your label printing costs in your estimate of your total product cost.  If you are not careful, outsourced label printing may take up a lot of your profit. A great way to remedy this is to choose cost-effective label printers.

Even though you may pay more up front for the one time investment in label printing equipment you will likely save money in the long run. Make sure to invest in a printer that has quality ink / toner at reasonable prices and that maintenance costs are minimal.

Accessory Compatibility

There are printing accessories that can increase your work productivity. These accessories include a bottle applicator, label roll unwinders, and label roll rewinders.

Look for printers that are compatible with these. You can consider using these accessories for more efficiency. They are best to use if you are already own a growing business.


For readable labels, print resolution is a necessary component. In choosing the best industrial label printer, look for printers with high resolution (eg, 1200 pixels or higher).

Avoid printers that produce pixelation and discoloration.

User Interface

For convenience, look for printers that are easy for you to learn. Some printers have less than intuitive interfaces and drivers. Almost all label printers have Windows drivers. Some printer makes also have drivers for Mac or Linux. Make sure you check that your existing computer system(s) will support your new label printer.


It’s essential to check the durability of the printer. If you print in bulk, you will need a printer that can sustain these demands.

Some printers have extra features like water resistance and UV resistance. Having this can make your printer last longer and avoid obsolescence.

Network and Memory Capability

Some modern-day printers have wi-fi access. Before, USB was the primary way you would connect to a printer. Nowadays, a wi-fi connection makes it easier to print from anywhere in the room. It also allows all devices to print, like phones and tablets.

Some printers also have features like memory card slots and access to Dropbox or the cloud.

Label Printers Buying Guide

Choosing the best printers for you or your business can be overwhelming at first because of the myriad of options available.

Remember that labels are a reflection of you and your brand. Cheap labels and cheap packaging screams “stay away” to most consumers.

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