5 Benefits of Printing Labels in House

Save $500 on Epson Printer + Get $1,525 Label Gift CardBy 2028, the global market for label printing will top $53 billion. The ever-increasing demand for labels and packaging labels is the primary driver for this significant increase.

Product labeling is key to making your product stand out from the crowd. Well done color labels provide information that your customers need. It has been repeatedly shown that the labels on a product’s packaging influence most customers’ buying decisions.

It is often the case, that the best and most appropriate place to print your labels is internally. More and more business owners are printing labels for their products in house. Owning your own label printing system provides a myriad of advantages.

What are the benefits of in house label printing? This guide will walk you through the top five benefits of owning a label printing machine at your office or place of business.

In House Printing is Accessible

Buying an on-site color label printing machine to label your products is convenient. It’s easier to work on your own than transact with print houses. By owning a printing machine, you can print whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Managing out sourced print houses is often just another process that consumes lots of time and effort. Sometimes, these printing businesses even cause production delays.

Regardless of the reason, the point is you can’t afford these inconveniences in a mission critical area like product labeling.

In the printing industry, mistakes are inevitable. But when you have an on-site printer, you can make the necessary changes to your labels on your timetable, rather than waiting on an external vendor to fix their mistakes.

Next, we’ll highlight some of the most common label printer designs used for label printing.

Industrial Printers

If you run a distribution network, a factory, or a warehouse, these are the label printers for you. These are ideal for regular printing of labels. They are long-lasting and capable of manufacturing hundreds of label prints per day.

They also guarantee very high-quality prints. As you might expect, they can be rather costly. However, the cost is usually justifiable for the application and is usually in direct proportion to the number of labels it can produce (speed), and the life span of the printer.

Commercial Printers

These printers are a little more potent than desktop printers. They can handle rolls of labels up to 8 inches wide.

Printers like these are a fantastic choice if you need a medium volume of printing done. These printers are a suitable fit for small businesses.

Desktop Color Label Printers

These are great for anyone looking to print shorter run labels. These printers are smaller and more affordable than Commercial or Industrial label printers.

These printers run quietly and are an excellent choice for an office setting.

Portable Printers

Portable label printers, as the name implies, are light and easy to move and carry around. Often suitable for events, shows etc. They also work well in offices, warehouses, and other places where a portable printer might be handy.

Personal Label Printers

These are small, hand-held machines that allow you to create your custom labels. These are not recommended for regular daily use, these printers are best suited for very limited label printing at home or a very small office. It prints labels on a constructed pair that will fit inside the printer. The tags or labels are then removed from the printer and attached to the product.

Offers Production Flexibility

Customer satisfaction and keeping up with market trends are essential to businesses. Customers want things faster and have even higher expectations for the products they buy. Label printing gives you the production flexibility to deliver on these demands.

When you can print labels as desired, your company is ready to deliver labeled products at any moment. You won’t have to wait for your printed labels to arrive from an outside contractor.

You can print labels on demand and get deliveries out the door to retailers and customers faster and cheaper. The ability to launch new items faster than your competition is a competitive advantage your business shouldn’t be without in the current B2B / B2C environment.

In House Printing is Cost-Efficient

Printing labels in house can save you money. You can choose from a variety of affordable label printers. You won’t have to pay for costly design, or the extra printing setup and logistics that print shops charge.

Saving time through in house label printing will allow you to make more money.

Small-quantity label printing in house reduces costs. It also allows you to replace stocks with on-time processing methods.

Predicting how many labels you need before label designs change can be difficult. Also, conventional label printing prices often mean ordering large quantities of labels that may never be used due to product or design changes.

Guarantees Better Quality

You can keep rigorous quality control over your labels by printing your labels on demand. There will be no more orders for label prints that aren’t perfect. Color quality and design modifications are now within your control.

Some companies manufacture products that need adherence to labeling regulations. Regulations update and change over time. If they own a label printer, they can make any adjustments necessary to meet new requirements on the fly without wasting label stock.

Nothing More, Nothing Less

Rolls of purchased labels often stock up untouched for a long time. These labels may get scratched or discolored and even lose their adhesive properties.

If you want to print less, you’ll have to pay a high cost per piece for a label. As a result, you don’t have much say in how much you print, making you reconsider making any changes.

With in house label printing you can print as many labels as you like, at any given time.

Master the Art of Printing Labels Now

In house printing is helping businesses improve company labeling operations. Owning an on-site label printer can be a game-changer.

Are you ready to print packaging labels for your business? Consider these top five benefits of printing labels in house. Contact us now, and let us help you select the ideal label printer for your business!

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