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DC330MINI Smart Compact Converting Machine

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High Capacity Production

This latest generation of the digital label finishing machine has been redesigned and features new electronics, a newly-designed control panel, and an updated user interface. Based on the DC330 platform designed and improved over 8 generations – the DC330MINI NEW has a strong and extremely proven background.

Feel safe with our online support and diagnostics.

All-in-one compact solution

Like the previous generation, it maintains the same best small footprint to minimize waste and maximize productivity. DC330MINI NEW provides UV flexo varnish, lamination, super-gloss, cold-foil, die-cutting, and slits and rewinds on one single compact platform.

The drive train in the DC330 series of machines is entirely servo-driven, offering low maintenance servo-driven tension control and good registration. Minimum waste die dials in within one rotation. No station movement or mechanical setup is needed. Lastly, the DC330-MINI NEW includes a graphical touch screen that shows the machine configuration, spindle directions, and web-up.

New look, new quality

  • Completely re-designed machine
  • New platform ensuring quicker setup the die-cutting station in register and high stability level
  • A newly-designed sliding control panel for added flexibility
  • New industry leading user interface giving the operator a graphical representation of the machine as installed

Online Support – easy web access and maintenance

  • Remote support and diagnostics using machine data
  • Cloud statistics – operator login, productivity
  • Insert a new module in hours, not days

Smart converting machine

  • Precision cutting to reduce waste
  • Best footprint and shortest web path – to minimize waste and maximize productivity
  • Online Support – easy web access and maintenance
  • High performance – up to 72m/min
  • Inline options for any digital press
  • Easy to use and learn

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Cut Method:Semi-Rotary
Web Width:2"-13" (50 mm - 330 mm)
Max Unwind Roll:27.6" (700 mm)
Max Rewind Roll:19.7" (500 mm)
Core Diameter:3" or 6" (76.2 or 152.4mm)
Thickness:2-8 pt. (50-200 μm)
Cut Speed:Semi-Rotary - 213 ft/min (65 m/min)
Full-Rotary - 236 ft/min (72 m/min)
Repeat:2" - 22" (50 mm - 558.8 mm)
Flexo Cylinder Size:9"-19" (228 mm - 482.6mm)
Slitting Knife:Pneumatic Crush, Smart Crush, Shear or Razor
Min Crush Slit Width:0.5" (12.7mm)
Min Shear Slit Width:0.4" (10 mm)
Power/Air:3 x 400V+N+PE, 32A, 6 bar (87 psi)
Dimensions (WxDxH):105" x 60" x 78" (2,667 mm x 1,524 mm x 1,981 mm)

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