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Turbo Wizard Upgrade by TCS Digital Solutions

Do you own a Wizard? Time to Turbo Charge it!

We developed the only complete Wizard upgrade that leverages your existing investment in finishing equipment. And now, it is available to you as well.


Design Goals

We set the same two design goals as when we design our products:

  • Make it easy to use
  • Make it easy to support

So while our overall objectives were to make it faster and have an optional longer cut length, we made sure to accomplish this while making it easier to use and easier to support. It’s more productive and, therefore, more profitable for you.


The User Interface

We reinvented the User Interface (UI) to make sense. On our UI, terms make sense. Take the “Die Lead In,” for instance. This is the distance from the edge of the die plate to the die line. And when adjusting the cut position, again, it’s based on inches (or millimeters), so it’s easy to adjust accurately.


Production Simplified

We didn’t stop with just making the UI easier to use. We made production simpler to understand, as well. On the Turbo Wizard, you enter the values for the labels you plan to cut. Enter the label length and the gap between labels. Then enter the number of cavities (rows) in the die -i.e., 2-around, 3-around, etc. The Turbo Wizard automatically calculates the system repeat based on that information. There’s no more math required to figure out the repeat you are trying to cut.

The last thing needed for the setup is the number of labels across the web (columns). By entering this number, the Turbo Wizard will automatically determine the number of labels per cycle and will show you the time (in minutes and seconds) needed to complete the desired number of labels at the current speed (in inches/second) set.


Make Blank Labels

Another deficiency in your current Wizard is the inability to make blank labels with a normal gap. On the standard Wizard, blank labels require you to run the machine in “rotary” mode. This means that the gap between label cycles will be the difference between 17″ and the die-cutting area. So if you were running one 4″ x 6″ die cavity, the gap between labels would be 11″. Or even worse, if you were running two cavities (the maximum on the standard machine, the gap between the first two labels would be 1/8″ (assuming the gap is built into the die) and between the 2nd & 3rd labels would be 4 7/8″. Hardly useful for any real production.

With the Turbo Wizard, we solved this issue. Now, you can produce blank labels with any size gap you desire. Just enter the gap into the Touch Screen, and this is the gap the labels will have. Simple. Easy to use. More flexibility for production.

The result of all these changes is a TurboCharged Wizard. With your piece of equipment upgraded, you will now be 2 to 3 times more productive; with more flexibility & your operator will be much happier as well.

Upgrade Specs
Cut Method:Semi Rotary
Web Width:Up to 10" (254 mm)
Max Unwind Roll:14" (356 mm)
Max Rewind Roll:14" (356 mm)
Core Diameter:3" or 6" (76.2 mm to 152.4 mm)
Cut Speed:up to 70 ft/min (2.1 m/min)
Repeat:2" - 14" (50 mm - 355.6 mm)
Blank Mode:Yes
Slitting Method:Multiple Adjustable Razors
Min Slit Width:13/16" (20.6 mm)
Power:120/240V, 50-60 Hz, 10 Amp Max
Dimensions:50"w x 30"d x 48"h (1,270 mm x 762mm x 1,219 mm)
Additional Upgrade Options
Repeat Length:Up to 21" (533.4 mm)
Air Chucks:1", 3" or 6" (25.4 mm, 76.2 mm, 152.4 mm)
Media Roll Capacity:Up to 20" (508mm)
Tension Management:Digital Torque Control
Remote Support:w/Camera & Microphone for Online Support and Additional Training

Quick Facts

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    Monthly Use: 1,000,000+

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    Cut Method: Semi Rotary

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    Upgrade Cost: Call for Pricing

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    Print Speed: 2x-3x Faster (Up to 70 ft/min)

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    Max Web Width: 10 in (254 mm)

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    Max Roll Diameter: 8 in (203 mm)

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