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How to Choose the Right Industrial Printer for Your Business Needs

Up to $500 Off Epson Label Printer + $1,525 Label Gift CardStatistics show that the printing packaging market is expected to reach over $30 billion by 2030. This number is largely attributed to the personalization of products.
Today, most businesses have begun to produce their own labels. This makes it necessary for them to select the right label printers. The advantage of selecting quality equipment is that it creates a good image for your brand.
The main concern with low-quality industrial printers is that they not make a good impression for your product(s). This means that they won’t meet your in-house printing needs, such as the sizing or the paper output you need.
Are you planning to get a label printer for your business? Here are a few things that will help you select the right one for your needs.

Think About Your Printers Compatibility

When searching for a label printer, ensure that you check whether it is compatible with different accessories. It’s also important that it doesn’t compromise the efficiency of the attached devices. For instance, if you’re a beverage manufacturing company, your label printer should match the bottle label applicator.
This makes it easier to stick the logos on the bottles. Regardless of your printing needs, always evaluate whether your equipment will match the printer you plan to procure. If your business uses multiple accessories, it would be best to select a printer that can accommodate them.

Deciding Between Dye Based or Pigment Based Inkjet Printers

When buying a label printer for your business, consider whether you should get a dye ink based printer or a pigment based inkjet printer. Some business owners may think that this isn’t an important choice. However, these two printer options have different printing applications.
You should select inkjet printers if you’re looking for high-resolution printing. The only concern with some inkjet printers is that they use dye ink. In most cases, dye based inks are prone to damage by ultraviolet rays.
If you’re involved in a business that sells products exposed to harsh climatic conditions, moisture or lots of UV (eg., sunlight) exposure you should choose a pigment based inkjet printer.

Your Printer Resolution Matters

The labels on your products communicate to the clients about your services. So, the quality of printing plays a big role in giving a good first impression. So, if you’re using a printer that gives quality and high-resolution output, your labels will look professional.
Most pixelated labels won’t have clear fonts and colors. This makes them unattractive to prospective customers looking to purchase your product. So, when selecting your printer, it’s important to consider those with a high DPI number.

The Speed of Producing the Labels

There are label printers that will be faster than others. However, this doesn’t mean that they always have better output. In some cases, slower speeds will produce better results.
So, when choosing an industrial printer, think about how quickly you can print the labels and the sizes you or your client need.

Ensure That the Printer is Easy to Use

When searching for a label printer for your business, think about whether your employees can use it without any difficulties. When you invest in a high-quality printer, you’re likely to improve your business operation significantly. However, if your employees don’t know how to use it, they’ll slow down your operation as it takes time before they’re used to how it operates.
It’s also possible for them to make printing errors that may impact your printer’s operation. To prevent such printer issues, the printer you choose should be easy to use by your employees.

Think About the Longevity of the Labels

If your line of business requires quality labels, the color printer you choose should cater to your needs. This applies to labels that are resistant to abrasion and water damage. Remember that labels on products are exposed to frequent wear and tear as they move from distributors to retail stores.
If you want to avoid instances where the product(s) look weak, your labels should be resistant to abrasion and ultraviolet rays. Today, you’ll find many printers that can produce labels that remain in great shape regardless of the prevailing environmental factors.
When searching for a printer, look for those that offer these advantages. They should also retail at a reasonable price.

Settle For Cost-Effective Printers

Most entrepreneurs think that some printers are not efficient because they retail at a low price. However, this is far from the truth. Many quality printers can produce labels at a relatively lower cost.
When your printing cost per label is reduced, you will spend less on ink and printing every month. Even if you buy a printer at a high cost, but the cost per label is small, you’ll still bank significant savings.

Think of the Products That Need a Label

If you’re looking to print a few labels, you should settle for the traditional printer. This is because they can handle low numbers of prints with ease. If you have a large order, an industrial label printer is the best option.
When getting an industrial printer, think about the number of colors you require. This will determine the type of printing that will take place on your premise.

Here’s What You Should Know About Choosing Industrial Printers

Purchasing an industrial label printer is a huge investment for many business owners. You should also know that plenty of industrial printer options are available in the market. Additionally, printing in-house offers you plenty of customization options.
However, the printer you choose should meet the needs of your business. This guide has shared some of the important details that will help you settle on the right printer. It all takes careful planning and identifying the option that matches your business requirements.
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