Best Label Printer for Small Business

Best Label Printer for Small Business

Save $500 on Epson Printer + Get $1,525 Label Gift CardIt is essential to maintain efficiency and professionalism in today’s business environment. Labeling products, packages, and documents with a good labeling tool can make a significant difference. This comprehensive guide delves into the best label printers for small businesses, specifically focusing on the best options for small businesses. At TCS Digital Solutions, we understand the unique needs of small enterprises and are committed to providing you with the most suitable label printer solutions. Choose from our wide range of inkjet, industrial, and wireless printers to find exactly what you need. Let’s explore the best label printers that can elevate your business’s labeling game.

What is a Label Printer?

Before we delve into the list of the best label printers for small businesses, let’s establish what a label printer is. A label printer is a specialized machine that extremely accurately produces labels, tags, and stickers. Unlike regular printers, label printers are optimized for generating adhesive labels that can be attached to various surfaces, such as products, packaging, or documents. These printers have features like varying print widths, label material compatibility, and even auto-cutting capabilities. Their applications span industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, and more.

10 Best Label Printers for Small Business

Epson Colorworks C3500 – Best Inkjet Label Printer for Business

With Epson’s ColorWorks C3500 inkjet label printer, you can print premium, long-lasting labels on demand in four colors (CMYK) at speeds ranging from four inches per second to eight inches per second, thereby reducing label costs and improving operational effectiveness. The Epson ColorWorks 3500 offers individual ink cartridges, optimizing ink usage. It’s compatible with various label applications and can easily handle widths ranging from 1.2″ to 4.4″. The printer supports rear-feed capability for both fanfold and large rolls, and it’s certified with BS5609 for GHS labels. For flexible connectivity, it has USB and Ethernet interfaces.

Epson Colorworks CW-C6000P – Best Label Printer With Auto Peel and Present

 You can rely on Epson’s engineered dependability for demanding applications backed by excellent service. It is the first printer created as a color replacement for thermal transfer printers that print in black and white, providing comparable media handling, speed, features, and connectivity at a reasonable cost. Experience enhanced productivity without needing pre-printing, reaching speeds of up to 5″ per second and a quick time to the first label. With resolutions up to 1200 dpi and different droplet sizes, enjoy impressive image quality that produces sharp images similar to those found on pre-printed labels. The printer can be seamlessly integrated because it works with ZPL II, popular middleware, SAP, Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000A – Best Small Business Label Printer with Auto Cutter

The ColorWorks CW-C6000A inkjet printer, the first printer created expressly as an upgrade to monochrome thermal transfer printers1, provides on-demand, 4 “color labels for a similar cost2. This dependable printer, made for mission-critical applications, has a maximum label printing speed of 5” per second. The CW-C6000A generates crisp graphics equivalent to pre-printed labels thanks to its up to 1200 dpi resolution. This flexible printer is compatible with ZPL II, SAP®, and other programs and offers seamless workflow integration. It was also designed to support remote printer management. Moreover, it includes a standard auto-cutter to produce labels of varying lengths and facilitate simple work separation.

Wireless Enabled Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000A with Auto Cutter – Best Wireless Inkjet Label Printer

The Epson ColorWorks C6000A Matte Auto Cut Color Label Printer is the first of its kind, designed to upgrade black-and-white thermal transfer printers with on-demand color labels up to 4″ wide at a competitive price. It is engineered for mission-critical tasks and boasts a fast speed of up to 5.8 inches per second. With a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, it produces vivid color images that can replace pre-printed labels, helping to cut costs and manage inventory. There are also integrations with existing workflows, support for remote printer management, and compatibility with programs such as ZPL II, SAP, and more.

Afinia L901 Plus Industrial Label Printer – Best Industrial Label Printer for Business

High production speeds, a sleek industrial design, and excellent image quality are all features of the Afinia L901 Plus color label printer. Designed for long roll-to-roll jobs or inline integration, it has the capability of servicing the printhead while printing. It efficiently produces vibrant, high-resolution full-color prints with five high-capacity ink cartridges for cost-effective large print volumes. The Plus model enhances water and moisture resistance, making it suitable for applications like beverages, foods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals exposed to prolonged moisture.

Afinia L301 Small Business Color Label Printer – Best Small Business Printer for Label Printing

Labels can be printed on demand, in-house by the Afinia Label L301 Small Business Color Label Printer, which is ideal for small and growing firms that need to be flexible with branding, ingredients, or regulatory changes. It utilizes reliable HP thermal inkjet technology, making it suitable for various label applications. Easy setup through Windows printer software enables color label production from simple PDFs. The compact, attractive printer design and affordable tri-color ink cartridges are tailored for low-volume, short-run printing at an economical price.

Afinia LT5C CMYK + White Label Printer

The Afinia LT5C CMYK + white label printer provides professional five-color output catering to diverse markets such as high-durability labels, freezer storage, food and beverages, and household goods. This printer stands out with its ability to print with white ink, compatibility with foils and specialty media, utilization of LED dry toner technology, and the advantage of fully waterproof and durable prints.

Afinia L801 Printer – Best Commercial Label Printer for Business

The Afinia L801 is a Memjet-powered industrial inkjet printer that excels in providing high-speed, professional print quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness for ink. The system is well suited for prime and secondary labeling applications that require short- to medium-runs. Operating at speeds up to 60 feet per minute, it handles continuous or die-cut stock ranging from 2 to 8.5 inches in width. The printer’s fine resolution ensures clear text and barcodes, even in small sizes. The L801’s compatibility with various label stocks, including paper, polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl, combined with vivid colors and rich blacks, produces sharp and vibrant labels.  


Primera LX3000 Dye Ink Label Printer for Small Businesses

Primera’s well-known LX910 Color Label Printer shares a platform with the LX3000 Color Label Printer with Huge Ink but with the addition of big, separate ink tanks and a reusable thermal inkjet print head—the LX3000 prints full-color, photographic-quality images and bar codes on extremely water- and scratch-resistant labels. Available inks tailored for brightness, sturdiness, and optical density include dye and pigment inks. Your labels can include full-color images, text, bar codes, pictures, and graphics.    

Primera LX610 & PTCreate Pro Software Bundle Color – Best Label Printer with Plotter / Cutter

Printing and precise die-cutting on the LX610 are combined into one simple, time-saving procedure. You only need to input your design and choose a cut format. Select from the usual die-cuts, which come in any size as squares, circles, or rectangles, or a contour cut, which accurately and automatically follows the outline of the image. You won’t ever need to purchase a particular die.

Pick Top Brands Label Printers from TCS Digital Solution

At TCS Digital Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering label printers from top brands that uphold our commitment to quality and performance. Our curated collection of label printers is designed to meet the diverse needs of small businesses, ensuring smooth operations and professional outputs. With our range of label printers, you can enhance your business’s efficiency and streamline labeling processes. Discover the ideal label printer for your small business by browsing our catalog today.

Finally, choosing the appropriate label printer for your small business can have a significant impact on how professional and efficient you are. Whether you require inkjet printers, industrial solutions, or wireless-enabled devices, TCS Digital Solutions has the perfect label printer to meet your requirements. Invest in the right tool today to elevate your business’s labeling game and set yourself apart in a competitive market.

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