Make Your Label Unforgettable: Label Design Considerations – Part One

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Make Your Label Unforgettable: Label Design Considerations - Part One

An attractive label design will catch the eye of your customer and impact their buying decision. Consider the categories below to create a memorable custom label.


What is your perfect size? A label that is too big or too small will detract from your product. Know your container dimensions and shape. Strike a balance between the container and label sizes.


What colors will best show showcase your product? The digital printing process produces high resolution vibrant colors. Select colors true to brand and to best compliment your product.


What font type will you use? Design with no more than three different font families to keep your label easy to read. Double check even the smallest font sizes for legibility.


What elements will add interest to your label? Imagery, shapes, photographs, etc.? What visual images relate to your product and target consumer market?


What information is mandatory in your industry? Have you met your label legal language requirements? What information is mandatory for the consumer? Nutrient information? Warning? Certified?

Essential Information

Where will you place your business name, logo, URL, barcode? Will you include a phone number and address information? Make sure to check any existing corporate brand guidelines for compliance.
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