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A Complete Guide to Creating Custom Labels

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20% of businesses fail within the first year of opening. Even more fail by year five.

This is why it is essential that your brand and company has a brand identity. That way, people start to know who you are and what you stand for. This recognition will lead to more sales and a more successful business.

One way to do that is to create custom labels for your packaging. This may seem really difficult at first, but creating business labels does not have to be hard. By following the steps below, you will create personalized labels for different products that will help your marketing strategy.

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Before you can truly get started with creating a custom label for your brand, you need to ensure that you first have a logo for your brand. This logo should include the right colors, fonts, and overall vibe of your brand. You want to make sure that this is something that people look at and then think of your company.

Once you have that logo, you need to make sure that every label that you create has that logo on it. Doing this will increase your brand awareness and brand identity. This means that more people will recognize who you are simply based on your packaging because they see it more often.

When you put the logo on any personalized labels, you need to make sure that the logo still looks good even if it is shrunk down to fit the label. You may need to opt to have several different logos for your company in order for it to look good on your custom label. Or, another way to go about this would be to have different logos on your labels than you do on other items for your company.

Playing around with this is important, but it is even more important to just make sure that you simply have a logo on any label you create.

Contact Information

Including contact information on your label is there for multiple reasons. If anyone has problems with the product or service, they know whom to contact. On the other hand, this contact information can also increase brand awareness and drive more traffic back to your website or other platforms.

The idea is that this will eventually lead to more sales.

You have to decide what type of contact information you think is best on your label. You may simply want a phone number and website address. Or, you may decide that you want to include a bit more like an Instagram handle or a QR code that someone can scan to easily bring them back to your website.

Whatever you include in terms of contact information is completely up to you.

Vary the Labels

When you create a custom label for your brand, one label is not going to fit everything. Not only is this true because not everything is the same size, but it is also true because some products may need more information than others.

Because of this, you have to consider how you want to appropriately scale the label for different individual products. You may also want a completely different type of label for marketing purposes and materials.

Personalize It

Another reason that you want to vary the labels is that there are benefits of personalizing different custom labels. For instance, if someone buys a product as a gift, the label may need to say something different. You may also want to leave room for your client to be able to personalize it themselves.

This could be something as simple as a space for them to write a note or even more simply just a “to” and “from” slot on the label.

Additionally, your labels may have different colors for different products. Not every label needs to be the same, and having different colors can actually make it a more personable experience for the customer.

Make It Pop

The last thing you want is for your customized label to blend in with the packaging or the product. You need it to stand out for people to notice it.

One way to do this is to make sure that the background contrasts with the font colors and your logo color. You want the text to be big enough that people can read it but not too big to take away from the rest of the label.

When you’re designing a label, keep in mind that your custom label needs to fully represent who you are as a brand and a company. It is one of the first things that your customers will see. To do this, keep it functional, personable, and simple.

Create Custom Labels the Right Way

There are so many different ways that you could go about creating custom labels. However, if you want your custom labels to stand out, you need to make sure you do it the right way. By following the steps above, making sure they pop, having contact information, and including your logo in the proper way will make sure that your product label is a success.

If you want to learn how we can help make this process easier for you, you can check out the services we offer in terms of creating custom labels. Label printing is one of our main services, so we can help you right away!

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