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What’s the Difference Between Matte and Glossy Labels?

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If you own a business, chances are you need to buy labels for your products. If this is the case, you probably have to choose between glossy labels or matte labels.
This can be a hard decision to make since there are so many label finishes. You may not know which one is the best option for your business or if it makes a difference.
Keep reading to find out more about glossy labels versus matte label options.

What is a Glossy Label Finish?

If you need to buy labels for your business, you may be considering glossy labels. Glossy finish labels are the most common, and for good reason.
This type of label has a laminate or varnish that creates a high shine effect. This effect creates a glossy sheen to the labels that helps them to stand out more on the shelf.
The glossiness reflects light as well as protects your overall label. This finish creates a film over the top that helps your label to stay intact and free of scratches.
These labels are considered to have a more eye-pleasing visual effect. They are shiny and reflect light, they are also great at making colorful labels pop.
This is a common option for a lot of products, as many customers find these labels attractive. The glossy finish also gives labels a smooth and slippery feel that is pleasant.

What is a Matte Label Finish?

Unlike a glossy label, a matte label is not going to have that finish on the top. This creates a non-reflective label that is not going to attract or reflect light.
It has a dull appearance and a matte feel that is not going to be slippery. One thing you may not realize is that matte finish labels still have laminate on the top.
Matte labels have a laminate finish that does the opposite of a glossy finish. The label will still be protected by this exterior layer but it will not add shine or smoothness.
Matte labels may not be as popular, but they do have their appeal. Many consumers would find matte labels attractive because they provide a more natural feel.
Many natural or organic products tend to have matte labels. This can highlight the design of your label and help it to stand out among all of the other shiny label products.

Benefits of Glossy Labels

If you need to decide on an option for label finishes, you should look at the benefits. Glossy finishes are the most common, and they have several benefits to consider.
One of the biggest benefits is that customers often expect glossy labels. They are attracted to this glossy finish, and it can help products to look more professional.
Labels with a lot of details or colors are often highlighted by a glossy finish. This helps to bring out those small details and makes your label pop on the shelf.
This is going to be greatly affected by the kind of product you are labeling. Hair care products, for instance, should usually have a glossy label.
This helps them to stand out on the shelf when they are lined up with so many other options. For the most part, most businesses find that glossy labels provide everything that they need.

Benefits of Matte Labels

Even though there are a lot of benefits to glossy labels, matte labels are also beneficial. When buying custom labels, you should at least consider the benefit of using matte instead of glossy.
Matte finishes are perfect for natural or luxury products. This unique look gives products a step ahead of the competition as they are not going to simply blend in.
They are a great option for organic products that have a natural-looking label. They are also great for vintage-style designs as this gives them an older appearance.
Many consumers agree that matte labels are also easier to read and understand. The matte finish helps print to stand out, especially for those who are visually impaired.

Which Label Finishes are Most Popular?

The most popular kind of label that you’re going to see is the glossy label. Glossy labels are definitely the most common kinds of labels that most products have.
Glossy labels have been around for a long time and are used to attract more attention. That being said, more and more businesses are starting to appreciate matte labels.
They can attract just as much attention and set your products apart from the rest. Another popular option is satin labels that are in the middle of glossy and matte.
Satin labels are not high-shine labels, but they do have a glossiness to them. This is very subtle and helps them to not be entirely matte.
No matter what option you go with, you should base your decision on your product. Every product is different, and different labels are going to be ideal for different products and customers.

Glossy Labels Vs Matte Labels

If your business needs label printing, you may not know if you should choose glossy labels or matte labels. This can be a difficult decision since it is hard to know which option is better.
Do you need to buy custom labels in different finishes? Contact us today at TCS Digital Solutions for label printing services.

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