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Save $500 on Epson Printer + Get $1,525 Label Gift CardDid you know that printing labels in-house can cut costs, reduce inventory and reduce delivery time to customers? Today, thousands of manufacturers, processors, and retailers worldwide increase their sales revenue by printing their labels in-house.
A good label can attract prospective clients and boost sales. High quality labels are essential for your business, as it speaks to your product quality.
In-house label printing offers businesses a bevy of benefits. It offers production flexibility. It’s cost-effective with better quality.
In-house label printing has become a necessary part of a company’s packaging production process.
Using label printing software allows you to design your own labels and print labels without the back and forth with vendors. This flexibility allows you more control over the quality of your labels, so there are no more label orders that arrive less than perfect.
Investing in quality label printing software and having a superb label printer are the two things you need to have for labeling products.
The big question is, of all the label printing software available, which one is the best? Read on for our label printing software buying guide.

What is Label Printing Software?

Label printing software includes tools you can use to create, design, manage, and print labels. You can use the software to create labels, price tags, barcodes, RFID tags, etc.
Label printing software works with your label printer and creates PNG and PDF files. Some accounting, graphic design, and shipping management software solutions offer label printing as a feature. But others allow more flexibility.
Some of the common features found with all specialized label printing software are:

  • Barcode/label management
  • Batch printing
  • Inventory labels
  • Label designer
  • Product and shipping labels
  • Barcode generation

What Will You Use It For?

You need to determine what type of buyer you are before purchasing label printing software. Most buyers fall into one of the following categories.
Are you an e-commerce business? Then it would be best if you looked for design software that allows you to create custom labels and then automate the entire process.
Are you a supply chain business? You will need labels for receiving, shipping, delivery, collecting, asset tracking, inventory management, etc. So your labeling solution will need to help productivity, quality, and accuracy.
Are you a manufacturing business? Finding a solution that allows you to print in bulk and streamline processes will help you avoid costly errors. Look for label printing software that can help you centralize and automate specific tasks.

Key Considerations

Before buying label printing software, there are a few essential things to consider.
Will the design software integrate with your existing software and hardware? It is crucial to make sure that there are seamless interactions between all your devices.
Customer support is also an important factor. If you are a small business, you might not have a dedicated IT team on hand to troubleshoot when problems arise. Look for a label printing solution that offers dedicated technical support, post-purchase training webinars, and a knowledge base.
Pricing is also a key consideration. Avoid hidden costs. Check whether certain functionalities are included, and ask about any extra fees. Label printing solutions that allow you to upgrade as you grow are also beneficial.

Label Printing Software to Consider

Are you looking to move your label printing in-house? Here are a few options you may consider.


BarTender is a comprehensive barcode labeling software. BarTender has four packages—Starter, Professional, Automation, and Enterprise—to suit your labeling needs and budget. BarTender also offers a 30-day free trial, which allows you to test features using the Professional, Automation, and Enterprise editions.
With BarTender, you can create and design commercial-quality labels. You can connect to Excel, CSV files, or other files, and automate your label printing.
BarTender’s Integration Platform can connect any business system or data source and automate label printing. No custom coding is required, so it’s simple to configure integrations right out of the box. BarTender is compatible with many printers, including Epson label printers.


Wasatch SoftRIP is a sophisticated RIP software for color control. SoftRIP has a simple setup, an intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls. This label printing software can save you time and money while producing high-quality labels. SoftRIP has the tools you need for complete control no matter how large your production environment is.
Wasatch SoftRIP is the perfect combination of sophisticated features and easy operation. SoftRIP allows users to customize various data fields with fonts, images, barcodes, etc. New users will be up and running in minutes.
Wasatch supports high-speed, on-demand label production and is an excellent option for digital label printing. Wasatch is also compatible with multiple label printers, including Afinia Label Printers.

CQL Pro by AstroNova

CQL Pro by AstroNova is an advanced labeling software. CQL Pro comes with Label Designer and Print Manager, allowing users to create and edit labels and monitor printing jobs.
Label Designer lets users design or edit existing labels and has options for text, barcode, and variable data. It is easy to import various image types, and there are a wide range of barcodes available.
Print Manager helps you to manage your entire printing workflow. With the drag and drop feature, you can quickly print multiple jobs with different designs and select, load, or create print queues.
CQL Pro is compatible with QuickLabel Printers. CQL Pro has additional features like a label converter, which allows you to convert label files and counters from the Custom QuickLabel Omni application. Other features include job monitoring for printing jobs and an easy-access launcher.

Which Label Printing Solution is Right for You?

Are you ready to cut costs, speed up delivery time, and boost revenue? Do you want to reduce your label inventory? Then it’s time to join thousands of manufacturers, retailers, and processors and reap the benefits of printing your labels in-house. Using label printing software can be a game-changer.
There are many label printing solutions, but finding the right label printer and label printing software doesn’t need to be a hit and miss. We can help you find the right solution for your business.
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