7 Considerations When Selecting Your In-House Printer Triangle

7 Considerations When Selecting Your In-House Printer

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What size and type of labels are you printing?

Specifically: Width requirements – each printer has different characteristics and capabilities. Label printing systems vary with regard to maximum print width. What are you printing? Cleaning solution product labels? E-Liquid labels? Nutritional supplement labels?


Will your label have regulations? (FDA, GHS, OHSA)

Will your labels need to follow certain requirements regarding regulations for medical labels or nutrition facts?
Did you know regulations for nutrition panels have font restrictions, mandatory statements, allergen alerts, and different calculations for daily values? Avoid recalls and present your customer with quality and transparency in packaging by adhering to your industry specific regulations.


Will your label require a printed barcode?

Any item requiring purchasing will need a barcode. The aspect ratio of each barcode is strictly defined by each barcode symbology.


What are your barcode resolution needs and size requirements? What resolution will you print? 200dpi? 600dpi?

The resolution (DPI – Dot Per Inch) determine both the size and density of the barcode you can successfully print. Make sure the resolution is high enough for your barcoding requirements. Know your product labeling needs. List them and match to the in-house label printer that best meets your needs.



Will you print in color or only black and white? If in color, do you need to match a specific color, like a Pantone color or a corporate color?

This is can be a complex decision. You can preprint the color part and then only print black. But this would require you to carry large inventory of preprinted material. OR you can print the color as needed. This will give you the greatest flexibility and reduce inventory. Which will cost more? That depends on several factors. Contact us for more information.


Will your labels be used commercially and utilize detailed photographic imagery?

If yes, do you plan to print low-resolution imagery or high-resolution imagery? Will your labels include only barcodes?


Will you store your products on the shelf, in a freezer, outdoors, etc.? If yes, does your label need to be durable, freeze resistant? What environment will the products be exposed to and where will they be stored?

Labels exposed to UV light will need to be UV resistant – printed with UV ink or have a UV coating applied. Labels stored in the freezer and food products need to be water resistant. Plus, temperature and the material you stick the label on, will affect the adhesive you need to use.

Get the insight you need. Call 678-824-2304 or email today. Let us put our almost three decades of successfully walking our customers through the process of using digital printing and finishing systems to work for you.


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