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7 Benefits of the Epson Label Printer

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As a small business owner, you want your products to stand out. Some of your competitors may include the Targets and Walmarts of the world, and even they are making some of their own products to sell. The labels you use are one way to differentiate your brand and communicate your company’s message.

Before you buy a new label printer, you’ll want to consider the type of printer as well as your label-making needs. Pre-printed labels save you time but lack the customization of owning your own printer. Some printers are less mobile than others but carry much more features.

Here are seven of the benefits you can expect with an Epson label printer.

Save Money

Buying pre-made labels from another company may save you time and money if you’re working with a large number of products. Doing tens of thousands of labels with a single printer is unrealistic. However, an Epson label printer comes very handy if you’re working with a much smaller supply.

Instead of ordering from another company, you can design and print your own labels. Even if you’re not creative, you can always use free label templates to make your own. You can then pick and choose your label material, which will partly be based on the types of label printers you purchase.

Avoid Stocking Pre-Printed Labels

As a small business owner, it’s easy to make the mistake of pre-printing a large batch of labels in advance. Better to have them stocked up rather than run out, right?

However, that isn’t always the best option if you constantly change up your supply. Maybe you make your own products and add the ingredients from time to time. Or perhaps you sell a wide variety of products that differ from quarter to quarter.

When deciding between pre-printed and on-demand labels, consider how much flexibility you need. You may also need variable data on your labels, such as dates or patient-specific information.

Ease of Use

Commercial printers are a totally different beast than the standard ones you use at home. They can handle huge print jobs, have wireless capabilities, and come in various label printer options. It makes sense that buying and using one comes across as intimidating.

In reality, a new label printer is very easy to use. You can hook them up to your computer in a matter of seconds. The appropriate software allows you to customize the text and size, and adjust it for the type of paper you’ve chosen.

As long as you have a template or design already made, then you should have no issue printing them out.

Quicker Turnaround

What does your business do when you run out of pre-printed labels or when your labels no longer meet regulatory requirements? You can always order more online, but they can take some time to get delivered. Those deliveries may face delays or get lost en route, as well.

Purchasing label printers will help avoid that problem because you can always print more as needed. You don’t have to worry about ordering them online and waiting for your package.

Print however many labels you need when you need them. It’ll also save you the time you’d otherwise spend on organizing your pre-printed labels so you can easily find them later.

Variety and Customization

Label printing services only have so many options for how your labels will look. They usually allow you to create something with their pre-made templates. If they do let you fully customize a label, it still needs to fit certain specifications.

With your own label printer, you can create product labels that are completely unique and your own. You don’t have to worry that your labels will look too much like what your competition uses. Let your logo and branding shine, whether that’s through color, fonts, or other design choices.


Any label you use for your products needs to be durable enough for everyday wear and tear. A lot of people may pick up your products only to put them back down, so they need to have smudge-proof ink. Your products may also be exposed to various levels of moisture, chemicals, and weather conditions.

The last thing you want is for important text to fade since certain information is legally required on your products. For example, retail labels for non-food items may need to state the country of origin, product description, and compliance marks. Food items need product ingredients and nutritional values readily available.

Portability and Affordability

Some people think of commercial printers as these big, hulking devices that offer a variety of features. While Epson label printers also come with their own features, they’re also available as tabletop versions. These smaller options are both less expensive than industrial label printers and offer portability due to their size.

For small business owners, that means you don’t need to buy a label printer for every room you work in. You also don’t have to worry about setting up a space for an industrial-sized printer that the whole staff will use. Some Epson label printers also come with built-in cutting mechanisms to automatically cut a roll of labels when it finishes printing.

Stay Ahead With an Epson Label Printer

It can be difficult to decide between the various label printer options out there. An industrial-sized one is great for bigger businesses, but you may only need a desktop one if you’re a startup. Either way, an Epson label printer can handle all your labeling needs.

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