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Your Product Label Identifies Your Marketplace Position

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Packaging and customer experience are key components to elevating your brand. The types of materials chosen convey image and quality leading to perceived customer value. The product label includes essential information – uses, ingredients, instructions, recycling information, etc.

Do your market research.

Know how and where your price positions you within the marketplace.

Identify your key brand attributes.

Communicate these attributes clearly through label design and packaging materials.

Make sure your branded product label is securely bonded to the product.

Eco-Labels are available and are often made out of eco-friendly substances.

Select a shape, size, and material that increases visual appeal and enhances the natural
product features.


Remember, a product label must comply with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA).

The ACT requires the following information be given to the consumer:
-Mandatory consumer product information standards under the CAA
-Industry specific regulations (i.e. Food Standards Code)
-Customs requires labels for imported products under the Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act

Printing a few labels or hundreds of thousands of labels? Contact Dennis Kallaher at and 678-824-2304 to discuss your project and how the Trojan™ T2-C make your job easier.


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