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The Ultimate Guide to the Epson C6500

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Did you know that branding consistency can increase revenue by 20%?

One way you can increase brand awareness is through high-quality color labels. Clear and custom labels not only attract potential customers but also inform them of what they can expect from your product.

To get premium labels, your business needs a top-rated color label printer. This is where the Epson C6000 Series color inkjet label printers come in.

Below is a comprehensive guide to the Epson C6500 label printer to show you why it’s a great pick.

What is the Epson C6500?

The Epson C6500 is an 8-inch print-width model specifically engineered for industrial customers that need premium, full-color labels. It prints labels up to 8 inches in width at a speed of up to 4.5 inches per second.

There are two types of label printers under the Epson C6500 series:

Epson C6500A

This label printer comes with an auto-cutter that cuts the labels from the roll after printing. It covers the full spectrum of label sizes to generate variable-length labels and allow for easy job separation.

You can cut the paper using the Cut button on the operation panel or according to the application. The printer is a great fit for print-and-apply production line goods.

Epson C6500P

Epson provides a color label printer with peel-and-present proficiencies with the C6500P. This printer releases the label from the liner and presents it for application after printing.

An in-built label-taking sensor keeps off subsequent printing until you remove the previous label. As a result, you can take individual labels as soon as they’re printed. This way you won’t have to worry about the loose loop.

The peel-and-present capabilities are ideal for fully programmed label application systems. You can use it for primary and secondary labeling.

Features of the Epson C6500

The Epson C6500 is a smart color-label printer with extensive features. These include:

Exceptional Print Technology

Epson-engineered PrecisionCore print technology provides ultra-sharp text and detailed barcodes. Coupled with a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, it produces various droplet sizes that yield crisp color image details, fine image text, and smooth gradations similar to pre-printed labels.

Whether you want to create superior-quality product labels or complex informational labels, the Epson C6000 label printer is up to the challenge. You will also get durable printed color labels that can withstand exposure to abrasion, chemicals, UV, and moisture.

ZPL II Interface Languages and ESC/Label

If you are looking to unlock the power of color in your prints, the Epson C6500 allows you to add the ESC/Label command extensions. This way you can leverage color for logos, color-coded fields, and product pictures so you can improve your overall brand image.

The printer also provides ZPL II Zebra Programming Language capabilities for enterprise-level label printing. While ZPL II is known as a monotone printer language, the Epson C6500 can print and colorize ZPL by adding unique features to its ColorWorks ESC/Label code.

Remote Management Tools

Epson made the C6000 series for large-scale enterprise environments. The printer has a variety of remote management tools to support these high-volume scenarios.

It helps IT and support teams monitor the status of huge fleets of printers remotely. You can also use the management tools to deploy firmware updates, generate email alerts on items needing attention, set up complex network environments, and view or adjust settings from any phone or computer browser.

Seamless Integration

Epson C6500 can operate in a wide variety of software solutions including Mac, Linux, SAP, and most Windows versions. It’s a multi-hardware solution that works for a wide range of office settings. 

General-Purpose I/O Port

Engineered for mission-critical production, C6000 label printers are equipped with a general-purpose I/O port. It gives you all the control you require to integrate the printer into your automated workflow seamlessly.

The port offers essential information on status, readiness, supply levels, and faults. Inputs allow you to print, pause, and clean.

Versatile Ink Types

The Epson C6000 family uses long-lasting pigment-based inks with both matte and gloss versions available to suit your custom labeling application best. Both of these inks are BS5609 certified.

While the gloss black ink can print on an extensive selection of substrates, the matte black ink provides sharper, darker images and texts on matte media.

Benefits of Epson C6500 Label Printers

Looking for a color label printer? Here are reasons why you should consider the Epson C6500:

Media Flexibility

The Epson C6500 is designed to offer creative and practical solutions. It can support media widths from 25.4 mm to 215.9 mm. The printer also boasts extended media support that also includes textured paper.

In terms of practicality, this label printer can print anything. Whether you need tiny labels for vape containers or larger labels for chemical drums, your needs will be covered. Additionally, the printer has an advanced movable sensor that allows printing on any shape.

Compact and Simple to Use

The Epson C6500 is very user-friendly. You can carry out all operations from the front, saving on operation space. The roll replacement is possible from the left, right, and front.

To start operations, simply hook the printer up to your computer. Having the right software lets you customize the size and text as well as adjust the printer for the type of paper you’ve chosen. You can begin printing as long as you’ve already made the design or template.

Efficient and Stress-Free

Epson label printers offer quick, on-demand throughput, eliminating the need to manage pre-printed color labels. This helps enhance productivity. You can also get consistent color printing without the hassles of head replacements and other workflow disruptions.


Buying pre-made labels is very costly if you need a smaller supply. Having your own Epson printer allows you to design and print your own labels, saving you money. Even if you aren’t creative, you can always utilize free templates for label printing.

Make High-Quality Color Labels

With the demand for color label printing increasing, businesses are looking for ways to create sharp, on-demand labels quickly. The Epson C6500 can help you print sharp color labels to boost your brand image.

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