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How to Create an Eye-Catching Bottle Label for a New Beverage Product

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The United States beverage industry is currently valued at $146 billion with over 3,000 major beverage manufacturers. Food and drink manufacturers are some of the top beverage label consumers. The beauty industry is also a large user of bottle labeling. The beauty industry has annual net revenues of over 500 billion dollars. To maximize revenues for the 33 million small businesses in the United States, insourcing bottle label printing is an excellent strategy to reduce waste and boost your bottom line.
You can create your bottle label style and print from the comfort of your office with the industrial-quality bottle label printers from TCS Digital Solutions.
Printing on-demand bottle labels has never been easier. In this guide, you can learn the best practices for designing and printing eye-catching bottle labels. Check out the tips below!

Make It Legible

There is nothing more frustrating than a customer being unable to read your bottle label. When designing a label size you need to consider the ratio of space and font.
You’ll need to include a certain amount of information on your label, but simultaneously you want to avoid a busy or hard-to-read label. Sometimes with information, less is more.
It’s important to keep from overwhelming the customer. Only include information that is relevant to helping a customer decide to make a purchase. For example with a beauty label you’ll need the brand name, product ingredients and use, and maybe a tagline and social handle.
But if this information is too small to read, you run the risk of losing a potential customer. Consider all age groups and who will be reading your label and make sure it is easy to see and understand.

Use Stunning Fonts

The typography you choose will impact the legibility of your bottle label. It will also have a large impact on your brand identity. Certain fonts have a more creative look and will easily get noticed on a full shelf.
Other fonts are more traditional and while they might blend in, they also inform consumers that your product is timeless. Times New Roman, Arial, and Georgia are some of the most commonly used fonts.
Some brands even go as far as to design their own font. You can create your custom font by using a font-making software like FontForge, Birdfont, or Glyphr Studio. You can also connect with a graphic designer that can design a font based on your brand specifications and desired look.
Many iconic brands such as Apple and Bloomingdale’s have their own font.

Make Brand Colors Pop

Another way to visually make your label stand out is with the color palette you choose. This doesn’t mean your label needs to be neon yellow to get noticed.
The key is getting the attention of the right customers. For example, brown is typically considered a subdued color that doesn’t really “pop.”
However, the color brown is also considered a symbol of sustainability since brown paper doesn’t require any special dyes or processing. So if you sell an earthy, sustainable product, brown would be an excellent color choice to get noticed by people who value earth-friendly, organic products.
It’s more important to understand the psychology of the colors you choose and not to only consider the superficial appearance of the colors. Below are some common emotions and associations elicited by colors:

  • Black: edge and sophistication
  • Gray: neutral and subdued
  • White: fresh and clean
  • Pink: feminine and playful
  • Orange: friendly and energetic
  • Green: natural and stable
  • Yellow: optimistic and warm
  • Purple: royal and creative
  • Blue: healthy and professional
  • Red: hungry and intense

These color emotions offer a solid baseline for which colors to include in your label design. Of course, the saturation and hue of the colors will also play a big part in the emotional impact on the consumer.

Try Innovative Materials

There are many label finishes to pick from that have an overall impact on your customer. The material is also important depending on the composition of your bottle. The same label will appear different on glass versus plastic bottles.
The most common bottle label materials are:

  • White matte
  • White gloss
  • Clear matte
  • Clear gloss
  • Metallic
  • Kraft

If you need to write on your labels, a matte finish is easier. Gloss finishes use plastic-coated paper, so they are less popular for carbon-neutral businesses. The beauty of printing in house on your label printer is that you can try different materials until you land on your favorite.

Pay Attention to Dimensions

It’s much easier to design your bottle label when you know what bottles you’ll be using! This will make it easy to understand the dimensions of the product and at what distance your label will be visible on a shelf. When you understand how much real estate your bottle offers you, you can then understand how tall and wide your label should be.
Size influences the overall design of your label and the copy placement.

Clean Application

You’ve designed the perfect labels, now what?
Now you get to adhere the labels to your bottles! But to maintain professional product consistency, labels must be placed seamlessly and in the same location every time.
Trying to hand-adhere labels involves too much human error which is why a bottle label applicator is a worthwhile investment. It will speed up the labeling process, and make sure your bottle labels are perfectly placed every time for consistency that aids consumer trust!

Follow These Steps to Create an Eye-Catching Bottle Label

The benefits of owning your bottle label machine are tenfold. You can print only what you need when you need it. You can also redesign your label at your convenience or make variations of labels for different flavors or products without any upcharges.
To make the best labels make sure to follow these suggestions:

  • Use a unique yet legible font
  • Stand out with color
  • Pick a label material that resonates with your brand
  • Factor in spacing and bottle dimensions for the perfect fit
  • Apply your label with a Dispensa Matic Bottle Label Applicator

Designing eye-catching bottle labels is a sure way to make your brand pop out on a shelf. Draw customers in with the beautiful design and inform them with useful knowledge. Once they realize how phenomenal your product is, they’ll be customers for life!
If you need help determining which bottle label printing machine best meets your needs contact us today and we’ll help you find the right tool for your business.

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