Afinia L501 Duo Ink Color Label Printer (Dye Version) SKU: 31322

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With DuraPrime™ Duo Ink Technology

Making your own labels just got easier

Whether you need waterproof, durable labels or something eye-catching for the retail shelf, the L501 is our most versatile printer ever. Pigment and dye inks each have their own advantages. Get the best of both worlds with the L501.

  • Mid-volume printing
  • Dual-ink capability (dye & pigment)
  • Separate CMYK inks for economy
  • Waterproof pigment inks
  • Industrial build quality
  • Dual-ink capability (dye & pigment)
  • Separate CMYK inks for economy
  • BS5609-certified pigment inks

SKU: 31322


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Afinia Label L501 Duo-Ink Color Label Printer

Pigment and Dye-based Labels

DuraPrime™ Duo Ink TechnologyPigment-based prints are highly resistant to the challenges of moisture, abrasion, sun-fading, and extreme temperature. This makes the L501 perfect for packaging requiring GHS compliance, as well as those with high exposure to moisture, such as beverages and bath products.

The L501’s dye-based prints are high-impact, colorful, and vibrant, making them ideal for prime labeling applications, such as in retail environments.

Enjoy the durability of pigment and the vibrancy of dye inks in the same printer. The L501’s ink interchangeability offers a level of versatility never before experienced in the label printing world.

Versatility Meets Economy

Not only is the L501 one of the most versatile label printers on the market, it offers great value for small to mid-sized label applications. Separate CMYK ink cartridges contribute to a lower cost per label, since only colors that are empty need to be replaced.

(1,999 EUR)
2,500–15,000+ labels/month
ink cost
Dye/Pigment (interchangeable)
print medium
print width
8.5 in (216 mm)
roll diameter
8 in (203 mm)
The gist: Mid-level production. Medium initial cost and ink cost per label. Great for durable applications, gaining in-house production flexibility, and reducing long term labeling costs.
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