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7 Benefits of the Afinia L801 Label Printer

Save $500 on Epson Printer + Get $1,525 Label Gift CardYou’re tired of dealing with subpar quality, shipping delays, and rush charges when it comes to labels for your shop. And especially with today’s rising costs, you’re looking for a way to save money.

You’re not alone. Research shows that 74% of small business leaders in 2022 reported experiencing rising supply costs.

Fortunately, with the Afinia L801 label printer, you can easily keep label production in-house. This will ultimately save you money and time. It will also provide you with some protection from delays that are beyond your control, like disruptions in the supply chain.

Here’s a rundown on the top seven benefits of choosing the Afinia L801 for label printing.

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Performance and Versatility

One of the top reasons to choose the Afinia L801 for in-house label printing is that it is powerful.

This industrial-grade inkjet printer is perfect for both medium-range and short-range print runs. The printer can print on both die-cut and continuous stock that is between 2 inches and 8.5 inches wide.

Business owners also love the fact that the printer is compatible with several types of vinyl, polypropylene, polyester, and paper stocks.

Speed Due to Memjet Technology

Yet another reason to purchase the Afinia L801 is that it is powered by Memjet technology, also known as waterfall technology. This type of technology allows for high-speed, and high-impact printing output.

Your paper will move rapidly through this printer. In fact, the Afinia L801 can print at a speed of 60 feet a minute.

As a business owner, your core goal is to operate efficiently to keep products on your shelves. Having this fast digital label printer on hand can easily give you the competitive advantage you need to do this.


You’ll also love the fact that in addition to being fast, the Afinia L801 maintains excellent resolution with every print job.

This full-color printer will allow you to print at 1600 x 1600 dots per inch, which translates to eye-catching, vivid labels.

Because the printer uses two cartridges of black ink, it offers rich blacks as well as exceptional color. This makes it easy to produce labels with better-quality contrast.

In fact, when you choose the Afinia L801, you’ll notice that your labels feature crisp text and barcodes, even at tiny sizes, thanks to the printer’s fine resolution.

The printer also stands out for its edge-to-edge, or full-bleed, printing.

All in all, the printer’s rich blacks, detail, and vivid colors make labels look vibrant and sharp for today’s small businesses.

Minimal Ownership Costs

Another benefit of the Afinia L801 printer is that it is relatively low cost to own.

This printer holds enough ink to accommodate large runs (a little more than one liter), and this ink is relatively low in cost. In addition, replacing the ink is fast and easy, as the printer comes with doors that make accessing the ink’s location simple.

The low cost of this printer’s consumables will make the return on your investment in this printer fast and favorable. 

Smooth Printing

With the Afinia L801, you can use label strips, single labels, or roll-to-roll labels.

The roll-to-roll option is particularly handy for continuous label production for jobs that are high-volume and heavy-duty. It will also reduce your media costs. For this reason, you should use rolls if you expect to do extensive label printing at your business.

The roll-to-roll capability is possible thanks to the printer’s integrated unwinder. This unwinder accepts rolls with diameters as large as 8 inches, as well as rolls that are 8.5 inches wide.

To use them, you’ll simply need to feed your roll media evenly and consistently to your printer.

After the rewinding process is complete, you’ll simply take out the completed roll and core holder.

The rewinder also comes with a steel cover that will help to protect the media from debris and dust. This will decrease your chances of having print issues, thus extending your printhead’s life. 

Water-Resistant Ink

The Afinia L801 Plus model is also a top choice, as it offers increased moisture and water resistance. This is possible due to its Watershield inkjet inks.

These labels do a great job of resisting the impacts of prolonged exposure to moisture when compared with conventional inkjet labels that are dye-based. As a result, the labels are ideal for applications ranging from pharmaceutical products to chemical products, food products, and chilled beverages.

The Watershield technology also generates more grays that are neutral. In addition, the Plus printer uses more ethically sourced inks. No chemicals in the ink are deemed harmful to the environment or humans.

Note that the water resistance of your labels will depend on the type of media you use. So, be sure to test any label you print to ensure that it satisfies your requirements.


Finally, the Afinia L801 printer is intuitive and easy to operate.

With this printer, you can print from just about any personal computer application. In no time, you can create colorful labels that are ready to be placed on your products. 

How We Can Help You With the Afinia L801

With the Afinia L801 label printer, you can easily begin to print your own business labels. This printer offers the benefit of being intuitive, minimizing ink costs, and producing high-quality labels.

At TCS Digital Solutions, we take pride in offering the Afinia L801 printer along with several other high-quality printers. We also offer printer ink and parts all in one place. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our label printer options, and order today!

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