• Overview

    Powerful converting system for self-adhesive labels
    • Optional In-Line Printing Interface
    • Standard BST Web Gudiance System
    • Built in Splice Table
    • Pneumatic Crush Slitting
    • 10" LCD Panel
    • Optional Cold Foil
    • Optional Spot Varnish
    • Optional Web Cleaning
    • Optional Liner Back Scoring
    • Optional Razor Slitting
    • Internet Support & Diagnostics
    As digital label printing continues to grow, label-printing houses are realizing the need for all-inclusive digital printing systems that provide value-added features for producing fully finished labels. The DC330MINI from GM offers the ideal solution. A complete converting and finishing unit, this product was specially created for use with digital printing presses.

    The DC330MINI can be set up as an in-line extension to a digital label printing system, allowing the web to continue directly into the converter from the digital press. It can also be used as an offline converting and finishing unit for jobs from other digital presses or conventional presses. It can even function as a press for specialized value-adding solutions.

    All-in-one solution
    The MINI has all you need to convert labels. Varnish, semirotary die cut, slit and dual rewind. Spot varnish, cold foil, lamination, inline buffer, corona, web clean, back-scoring, razor slitting and more are all available options.

    Precision cutting and fast register
    Reduce waste, print-to-cut registration in just one rotation; no station movement or mechanical setup required; semi- and full-rotary die cutting.

    Speed and versatility
    Adjustable repeat lengths from 2” - 22”; standard line speeds of 25 mpm (82 fpm) with optional speeds up to 45 mpm (148 fpm). The unit can be configured for both inline and offline operation.

    The DC330MINI integrates the most advanced converting and finishing techniques available today. When used together with a digital label press, this innovative unit gives professional label printers a complete and versatile solution for high-volume digital printing.
  • Tech Specs

    Digital Mode: 82 fpm (25 mpm)
    Digital Mode: 148 fpm (45 mpm) Optional Upgrade
    Analog Mode: 236 fpm (72 mpm)
    Die Plate Size: 2" - 22" (50.8mm - 558.8mm)
    Slitting Station: Pneumatic crush knife Option
    Connectivity: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, RJ-45 connection

    Media Dimensions:
    Web Width: 8" - 13" (200mm - 330mm)
    Substrate Thickness: 0.8 - 8 points (20µm - 200µm)
    Max Internal Unwind: 27.6" (700mm)
    Single or Dual Shaft Rewind: 17.7" (450mm)
    Core Diameter: 3" or 6" (76.2mm or 152.4mm)
    Flexo Station:
    Clyinder Size: 10" - 19" (254mm - 482.6mm)
    Optional Spot Varnish: Digial Sensor Registration

    Operating Environment:
    Power: 3x400V+N+PE/32A/5 bar air
    Dimensions: 87"w x 59"d x 67"h (2.2m x 1.5m x 1.7m)
    Exhaust: 100mm Diameter, 800m3/h Outside

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